Year of the Dragon Redwood Classical Furniture Industry will shuffle

Spring of mahogany classical furniture industry

Spring of mahogany classical furniture industry

Yutu Guigui and Long Teng Guangyu, there are too many reviews on this new and old alternation. Last year was a very unusual year for the mahogany furniture industry. The joys and sorrows, the alternating spring and winter, the warmth and the cold, the experience and sentiment were in the shadows. Looking back on the prospects and worrying about the situation, in the battlefield of the redwood industry, the Jin Ge iron horse is invisible, but the victory and defeat are erratic. Only the time is always introspective and continuous improvement, in order to be able to attack and defend freely.


Jin Ge Tie Ma’s resignation of the rabbit, taking the dragon to drive the nine-day dance


Looking back at the Year of the Rabbit, it is definitely the year of the storm.


On December 5, 2010, CCTV’s “Weekly Quality Report (Weibo)” broadcasted the “White Leather Smeared Mahogany Furniture” program, which caused a shock inside and outside the industry, which triggered a comprehensive quality inventory of the affected areas. Severely hitting the event, even involving the entire mahogany industry, consumers are at the embarrassing stage of buying redwoods. The original "white skin door" incident has had a great negative impact on the whole year of the rabbit year, but in relevant departments and industries. After the strong rectification and standardization, the "deep love" of the Chinese people for the rosewood is still unabated, but it has risen against the trend. The "White Piedmont" incident has exploded, which has pushed the mahogany industry to move forward.


This was followed by the “Da Vinci Incident” that caused the sensation in the Year of the Rabbit, which also brought an opportunity for the development of the mahogany industry. The failure of this foreign furniture also gave our people a deep understanding that "the foreign moon is no more round than China", and it also gives us the alarm of "quality and credibility" in the mahogany industry. As the quintessence of mahogany furniture, it brings more people to the country. Confidence. The nation ended in the world. As early as 1992, French scholar Odilon Rochc had such a statement in his book "Meubies de.Ia.chine" and "Chinese Furniture": "Art Field The latest discovery is the number of ancient Chinese furniture. "Now mahogany furniture is also booming in foreign markets. Once this market is opened, it will be an opportunity for the furniture industry.


What is even more exciting is that in 2011, the market share of mahogany furniture collection has gradually increased, doubled, and the auction price has reached new highs. It has become another collection hotspot after calligraphy and painting, jewelry and ceramics. High-end mahogany antique furniture is also moving towards the auction house, slowly flowing into the collection. This kind of indication shows that classical mahogany furniture will not only have a spring, but gradually move toward the ancient times, flowing continuously into the long history of the future.


The nature of the rabbit is jumping. Similarly, the 2011 mahogany furniture industry can also be said to be jumping.


After the raw materials all the way up, and even the "one board is hard to find" hot scene, many businesses judged mistakes. In the past years, the experience has made decisions, and it is believed that the off-season will not be light and the peak season will be more prosperous. After the National Day, the national market sales caused them to drop their eyes and encounter a cold winter. But looking at the overall situation, this phenomenon is normal. The classical furniture industry produces art works that require careful work and cannot only look at rising market performance. When the economic environment is good, the sales volume is large. In order to pursue the interests, some merchants cut corners, shredded, and the level of development of large and small enterprises are mixed. Some products have not created the cultural industry value that classical furniture should have, and will eventually return to the reshuffle. Under the influence of real estate regulation, bank monetary contraction, stock market decline, and overall international economic depression, the classical furniture industry market has been declining since the National Day. Some small enterprises can't support or even go bankrupt, but for some really serious management and quality. Brand companies have little impact.


The author believes that the first half of the Year of the Dragon must be another reshuffle of the mahogany classical furniture industry. In the second half of the year, the market will tend to return rationally. Enterprises with inherent defects will collapse in competition, while powerful enterprises will continue to compete. Develop and grow.


For the Year of the Dragon, it is another beginning of the mahogany furniture industry. Although there are short-term setbacks in the development of the Year of the Rabbit, we don't need too much fear. For the Chinese traditional year of the Year of the Dragon, we are very confident that the Redwood will see the April Sun after a cold winter.


If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Perhaps there is still a chilly spring, warm and cold, but the real spring of the yangko dance will come. During this time, we should prepare for the cold. After the economic crisis in 2008, enterprises should form a mature mechanism to cope with the economic crisis and the market environment, and be prepared to demonstrate the cultural value of the mahogany enterprises under the promotion of the central cultural policy. Do a good job in the promotion and marketing of cultural brands to create a real brand with a strong cultural connotation. Always put quality and credibility in the first place, to create a brand that consumers really trust. Light up the glory of honesty, driven by the central government's policy of stimulating domestic demand, the market for the Year of the Dragon will be warmer, and the company will be able to dance for nine days in the wake of the wind and water.

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