Wooden doors need three places to clean

Interior door maintenance

The interior door is the "signboard" of our warm nest, and it is also the first impression our family leaves to friends and guests. Therefore, its "face" is very important. If you want to extend the service life of the interior door and keep it for a long time, it is very important to maintain and care for it.

Door panel cleaning

The daily cleaning of the door panel can be wiped with a soft, dry cotton cloth. If the door panel of the inner door has serious smudges,
Neutral cleaning agent or furniture-specific cleaning agent can be used to clean the stain first and then dry it; if the door panel is made of resin or metal sheet,
Remove the slight scratches on the surface, use a soft cloth to take a small amount of toothpaste and wipe it repeatedly; if the door panel is made of wood or painted sheet,
Regular waxing is an effective way to keep the surface bright and bright; glass or resin sheets do not need to be waxed.

Hardware maintenance

Although the hardware is small, it is a very important part of the interior door. Including the handle, lock body, hinge, etc., in order to have a long service life of the interior door, the key is to maintain the hardware.
1. Stainless steel handles and stainless steel hardware can be wiped with a brightener to increase its brightness.
2. Moving parts such as hinges, hanging wheels, and casters may degrade performance due to dust adhesion during long-term exercise. Therefore, one or two drops of lubricant can be kept smooth every six months or so.
3. When the lock cylinder is not flexible enough, a small amount of black powder can be scraped from the pencil lead and lightly blown into the lock hole. This is because the graphite component is a good solid lubricant. Never drop in the oil as it will make it easier to stick to the dust.

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