Winter riding equipment selection

The biggest pain in the northern part of winter cycling is the internal wetness and freezing, and it is in the environment below 0 degrees. You are soaked in wetness, numbness in your hands and feet, tears, and turbulent mouthfuls, but the cold wind keeps flowing to the body... This painful feeling will make you wait for you to immediately drill into a sauna filled with steam.... Actually, you don’t need to ride in such a painful way if you choose the right winter riding equipment. , you can experience the fun of riding different from other seasons - riding in the winding mountains (or riding on a straight road), breathing fresh air, admiring the beauty of undissolved snow. ..

First, outer clothing articles

In winter cycling, it is important to keep warm, especially the outerwear, and the most important thing is to choose windproof and warm clothes. The warmth is not in the thickness of a single piece of clothing, but in the number of layers it wears (multiple layers of air compartments can better maintain your body temperature), while bulky coats can only make you feel cramped and the bicycle becomes difficult. Lightweight, wind-resistant fleece fabrics and riding pants are a good choice. In general, a windproof fleece fabric is applied to the front of the jacket, and a perspiration fleece fabric is provided on the back, which not only resists the cold wind blown from the front, but also accelerates the draining of sweat on the back; the choice of cycling pants should be paid attention to. There is no thick layer at the knees. It is very important to protect your knees (my approach is to add a pair of knee pads). It is best to choose a pair of riding trousers to stop the cold wind from getting into your lower back. There are many such products on the market today. You can buy clothing and trousers with a good price/performance ratio of 100 yuan (or brand goods!!) If you are spending money, you can also consider a Windstop fabric outdoor clothing. After all, you have to A patent fee (like Gore-Tex) is issued for this purpose.

Second, underwear articles

Finishing the coat, let's look inside (not underwear). This layer should choose lightweight, breathable, warm clothing, perspiration, quick-drying catching fleece as the choice, not only allows you to get rid of the heavy feeling of winter clothes, but also quickly discharge underwear sweat. Speaking of underwear, of course, to choose perspiration, quick-drying tight underwear suits, generally coolmax fabrics, the level of the price is how much the content of coolmax. There is also a special riding underwear on the market, but in front of the design of the windshield fabric, personally think that it is not necessary, after all, windshield fabric is still worse in the ventilation, when you ride, you will find chest sweat There is less place to go. And as long as the lower body plus strips underwear trousers on it, ordinary underwear in your sweat will be wet on your legs, but also make you feel very uncomfortable ... and these clothes in the outdoor shop There are, the price will not be very expensive. Now Decathlon has a special collection of cashmere clothing, 49 yuan / piece, buy two can enjoy 42 / piece of discount, or very good value. In addition, I am accustomed to wearing a short-sleeved cycling suit outside my underwear during cycling. First, I feel warmer and will not affect my breathability and perspiration. Second, I can put bottled water and some snacks in my pocket. Rely on body temperature to maintain temperature, no longer need to drink ice water.

Third, other equipment

The whole body has been wrapped up, and now only your head, hands and feet are still exposed. Any nakedness will make your riding painful. From the beginning, a warm hat is indispensable. A single cap will make your head be blown by the cold wind, and a thick hat (line cap, cotton cap) will make your head sweat unable to drain. When you stop for a rest, you will find that the whole hat is already wet, and you have to wear this ice helmet to move on. The good choice is to buy a breathable fleece hat. You can also choose to go online. The CS cap (Robbery Hat) only reveals your eyes and the protection of the goggles, so that your head is fully armed and will not allow you to fall into the embarrassing situation. There are only two shortcomings in this type of hat: First, the sense of vision is limited, and second, rapid breathing may be affected. The protection of hands and feet is also very important. The frozen numb hands and feet are quite painful and dangerous for riding. Gloves should choose windproof, agile gloves. Not only to resist the cold wind on the face, but also have a good handling of the handlebars, that kind of ski gloves, not only affect the speed control you ride, but also bring you an unsafe influence on the handlebar handle. As for the warmth of the feet, long socks with a towel bottom are preferred, which can better absorb sweat and protect your ankles. At the same time, riding shoes is best to wear a special riding warm shoe cover, otherwise, the cold air poured into your feet will not find the feeling of pedaling.

Fourth, summary

After all, winter cycling will not be as easy as summer, and advanced equipment will not always allow you to stay in a dry state. Therefore, winter riding equipment follows the principle of “External wind ventilation, warmth inside. !" To reduce pain, why not? Forgot to remind everyone: We must bring a good helmet! ! ! wish! Riding happy! ! !

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