What is artificial rock climbing field [Photos]

The definition of artificial rock field is a kind of "artificial climbing structure"--- Artificial Climbing Structure (abbreviated as ACS). Thanks to the scientific and technological advancement of today, each individual artificial rock field has been calculated and analyzed by a professional engineer, and it is possible to maximize the possibility of all climbing movements while minimizing all dangers. In other words, the artificial rock field simulates the diversity and variation of the natural rock environment. At the same time, through the analysis of engineering mechanics, the uncertain factors and risk factors in all natural environments are eliminated to form a controlled man-made environment. The climber has a safe and unobstructed climbing space.

The use of artificial rock farms is as follows:
1. Practice ropes and use of various climbing safety equipment
2. Simulation of outdoor natural rock conditions
3. Basic climbing skills and body movement training
4. Advanced climbing skills and physical endurance training
5. Rock climbing competitions and performances
6. Self-confidence to establish, or promote activities such as teamwork, communication and trust building

The benefits of artificial rock farms include the following:
1. It can allow completely amateur beginners and experienced climbers to climb without any external dangers, without worrying about falling rocks, and greatly reducing the risk of corruption.
2. It can be used throughout the year. It can be installed both indoor and outdoor. It is almost unaffected by the weather. Even in areas where there is no natural rocky area, you can enjoy rock climbing.
3. Provide a space for coaches to easily train learners. Because the climbing route of the same artificial rock course can be adjusted according to the progress of the learner by adjusting the slab rock blocks, the difficulties can be adjusted at any time.
4. Usually, artificial rock-climbing sites are located in urban areas and indoor areas, so you don’t have to spend a lot of travel time and time on the natural rock fields in the wild to enjoy rock climbing.

Because of the above advantages, there has been an increasing trend in the establishment of domestic campus rock yards. Including colleges, secondary schools, primary schools, and even kindergartens also have signs of artificial rock formations, and some have become official sports courses (including credit calculations, such as Chengdu University of Technology, China University of Geosciences, etc.). Children have more opportunities to engage in rock climbing than in the past. It is recommended that parents should be open-minded and use a more positive perspective to view children’s desire for climbing; blindly authoritative prohibition is better to encourage safer and more inspiring climbing sports. . Because in the rock climbing activities can learn reciprocity, mutual respect, courage to face setbacks and challenges and cultivate the spirit of the sportsman.

In Europe and the United States, more and more parents have led children to participate in outdoor sports: such as climbing, camping, hiking, hiking, bird watching, and other meaningful outdoor activities. In the process of participation, rock climbing can indeed encourage and praise parents, help them overcome difficulties with confidence, enjoy satisfaction beyond self and challenge the limits, and the growth of parent-child relationship is naturally self-evident. Even many parents work as child safety assurances. When the child's safety is tied to the ropes in your hands and life is given to you, everything is still and there is nothing at the moment that makes you more than climbing time. Close to.

At present, rock climbing is a very prosperous and popular sport for all ages. The establishment of artificial rock sites is very common, both indoor and outdoor; therefore, it can often be seen that some foreign friends stay at these rock farms after they leave work. Leisure recreation center or gym to go home again. On regular holidays, it is also often possible to see a family playing in a park with an artificial climbing field. Rock climbing has become one of the most popular parent-child activities among young people.

Because of the consideration of factors such as the convenience of sports, time issues, and climate impacts for modern urbanites, in many countries in Europe, especially in the United States and Canada where sportiness is high, many rock climbing sites have been set up by the government. Because it solves the problems of modern people: It provides a great place for people to exercise and relax.

Rock climbing can be a kind of art and a kind of life attitude. At the same time, through the process of the body moving and contacting on the rock wall, it can deeply experience the original touch of natural human beings. In foreign countries, rock climbing has been given a very beautiful noun-----Dancing On the Rock (Dance on the Rock). In the moment of hanging a cliff, to recover the lost self and follow the clarity of the soul, this is why the rock climbing movement is so deeply touched.

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