Urban white-collar makeup choice

Urban white-collar workers are often the object of envy and yearning for many people. They are gorgeous, stylish, and youthful. Therefore, urban white-collar workers have become the end consumer groups that many cosmetic companies focus on: they have higher incomes, more avant-garde consumer awareness and more fashionable tastes. However, it is precisely because of their particularity that their cosmetics, especially the choice of make-up, is also unique: not only emphasizes the brand, packaging, fashion, but also pays attention to the quality of the product itself. Foundation is one of the most typical examples. It is often the case that after a day of work, urban white-collar workers will find that there are still makeup spots on the face and even on the collar of the shirt. There is no doubt that consumers want the foundation to stay on the face instead of falling on the collar or other places. However, there are always some foundations that cannot meet the needs of users. Therefore, the following describes some unique foundation products. Let the white-collar face of the city be bright and flawless, and the collar is white and flawless.

Most consumers are accustomed to using traditional liquid or milky foundations, so let's take a look at ERA Face spray on foundation, which has the following characteristics: First, ERA contains 60% moisture, so use it so that People feel particularly refreshed. Secondly, because it is a spray-type product, the user does not have to worry about the messy feeling that the foundation falls. In addition, the ERA product comes with a puff and a headgear that can be used to tie the hair behind the head to avoid soiling the hair during spraying. It's even simpler to use. Just shake it a few times and start spraying 6-8 inches from the face, but be sure to take only about two seconds of spray, otherwise it may look like a stage makeup. As thick and scary. After spraying for about ten seconds, gently rub with a puff to remove excess moisture from the face and at the same time form a foundation that lasts for a long time. Since its launch, ERA Foundation has been favored by consumers, especially urban white-collar workers. Products with similar effects and easy to use will also be the best choice.

If you are a traditionalist and don't like spray products but prefer a creamy foundation, Clarins Multi-Matte Foundation is also a good choice. Its taste is great, and the product packaging is also beautiful. When the foundation just came out of the tube, it looked a little thick and greasy, but it didn't feel much after it was applied to the face. Clarins' foundation is also enriched with a range of ingredients: chestnut extract to soothe the skin, moisturizing, shrinking pores, firming the skin and absorbing excess oil. Clarins' Auto-Focus pigments are suitable for light effects and different climatic effects of different climates to achieve a rough finish. As the product claims, Clarins's foundation has a long-lasting effect, so even if you just get out of the fitness center, the makeup on your face is just as perfect. It is a good choice for urban white-collar needs or in department stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. this product. )

If you don't like the kind of coverage that the foundation presents, and prefer a foundation that covers your skin tone with a little color, try Lauren Hutton's In the Cap Tinted Moisturizer moisturizing foundation. Unlike other similar products, In The Cap is an oil-free product, so it doesn't have a shiny, shiny feel on the face, but a long-lasting, light and smooth feel. In addition, the most interesting part of this foundation is a small concealer hidden in the bottle cap. Open the bottle cap and you can also see a small mirror, which is convenient for makeup at any time. It is worthy of being inexpensive, and you can buy this product with one arrow and two carvings.

Do not like emulsion foundation? Then Benefit's Conversion lotion to cream to powder foundation will be your best choice! This foundation is completely different from other similar products in its novel packaging: it can be used without a foundation sponge, and it is easy to pack and can be carried around at any time. It is also convenient to use, just print the foundation stick on all parts of the face, then mix it with your fingertips. When you're done, you'll have a light-as-air feeling, and the foundation will last for a long time and can also be used as a concealer.

If you don't like milky or liquid foundations, use a powder foundation. Try Urban Decay's Surreal Skin Mineral Make-up! The benefit of using a powder foundation is that it provides excellent control over the degree and extent of foundation coverage required. Unlike other mineral foundations, the foundation uses a puff instead of a powder to powder. Because it is powdery, it will be used in an innocent bright and light effect, making it the best choice for oily or combination skin. The Surreal Skin package comes with a novel on/off switch, so don't worry about it spilling into your bag. In addition, since the puff is attached to the product bottle, there is no need to worry about losing it.

Therefore, ladies, no longer have to worry about the foundation or other make-up marks on your sweater or shirt! Not only safe, these foundations last forever on your face! Of course, the introduction of the above products is hopeful, and the novelty and uniqueness of its products may bring more inspiration to cosmetics manufacturers and distributors to launch more products that can better meet the needs of various consumer groups in society. .  

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