The "Three Diligence" Principle in Flexo Printing Production

Many flexo printing companies often encounter some quality problems in their production due to lack of flexographic production experience. Now we will talk about how to achieve “three services” in the production process of flexo printing so as to improve product quality and reduce scrap rate. purpose.

1. Hardworking version

Flexo printing production process is greatly affected by environmental factors. The printing plate is exposed to the air. Dust and paper powder are easily adhered to the printing plate, resulting in a dirty plate. At the same time, due to the low viscosity of the flexo-based water-based ink and the fast drying speed, it is easy to dry around the pattern and text when the anilox roll is transferred to the printing plate, causing multiple printing failures. Therefore, in order to obtain high-quality prints, it is necessary to grind printing plates during the printing process. When rubbing the plate, you can use a toothbrush to take alcohol or water, lightly brush around the pattern and text on the plate, and wipe the plate dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. This method is suitable for erasing version, when the normal boot can be directly with a clean cloth to take a small amount of alcohol to wipe the plate. In practice, it is good to use a pantyhose that is filled with a sponge and tied into a ball.

2. Duty ink viscosity

In flexo printing, water-based inks are often used for printing. One of its important indicators is viscosity, high viscosity, difficulty in ink transfer by the anilox roller, slow drying of the ink, stickiness on the back of the printed matter, darkness in the field, and easy ghosting around the graphic part of the printed matter; the viscosity is too low and the ink dries quickly. The light in the field is light, the printed matter is prone to appear dirty, and the waterline is prone to appear in the field. Therefore, maintaining the proper viscosity of water-based inks is important to ensure normal production and improve the quality of prints. The viscosity of the water-based ink is controlled between 35 and 42 seconds (coating 4 cups) to obtain a satisfactory printing effect.

3. Diligent sampling

In the flexo printing process, various printing defects are likely to occur. Nowadays, most flexographic printing presses are high-speed printing presses. During the production process, they are not careful. Semi-finished products with quality problems will flow into the next process, causing great waste. Therefore, during the printing process, especially when fine work is being printed, all personnel at the machine station must be constantly inspected to check whether the quality of the printed matter is consistent, and the problems in production are discovered in a timely manner so as to solve the problem as soon as possible and minimize the rejection rate.

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