The relationship between make-up packaging and sales psychology

When participating in the cosmetics exhibition every year, I always find that many brands or many products have a familiar feeling, thinking that it is an international big brand also came to the exhibition. But seriously, it is not. It turns out that packaging, color, posters and even LOGO are very similar to a major international cosmetics brand . And this time there is a feeling of being fooled.

Simple imitation means falling

The appearance of these brands on the booth was surprising at first sight, but it became disappointing after discovering that they only imitated the brand. Losing their enthusiasm for them is not to worship foreigners, but to deplore the fall of domestic brands.

When you see these brands imitating foreign brands, you will have questions in your heart: Can the quality of their products keep up with the big brands being imitated when the outer packaging is similar? Can their services be as close to consumers as the big brands being imitated? If not, does this imitation make sense?

In fact, why should you imitate others? The root cause is that domestic companies did not find their own selling points and market positioning when launching new products. At the same time, driven by the frivolous business psychology, many businesses are thinking about earning back the investment several times as soon as possible and then running. It is not unusual to have imitation. Of course, many of them are looking at foreign brands selling well in the market. They also want to fish, so they use the form of imitation to mislead consumers and then earn consumers' money. But they forget, imitate others, even if they are similar, they can even be fake, it is just a feeling of counterfeiting. In other words, imitation means backwardness, which means that the pace in the market is always later than the foreign brands.

Different grades of products can be applied in different packaging

So, how should you make your own characteristics on the packaging of cosmetic products? According to the experience of many years of product application, after long-term psychological research on consumers, combined with my own professional knowledge analysis, I think the most important thing is: to choose the corresponding materials and colors according to different grades.

Products that take the daily line are more focused on terminal sales. If the product is positioned in the low to medium grade, then the packaging is preferably made of recycled rubber or glass of transparent material. Transparent materials will make the product transparent and visible. This part of the consumer is in need of intuitive consumption guidelines, so it can guide consumers to pre-emptive consumer psychology, which makes it easier to reach a deal.

If it is a medium-to-high-end product, it needs to be made into a relatively mature outer packaging. The materials of these products can be made of frosted glass or ceramic. The appearance is awkward. The color of this material is preferably white and porcelain white, which makes consumers feel that there is a grade. After purchasing the product, the product will be considered valuable.

And some high-end products have some situation. Special high-end products such as some high-tech products on the market, the quality is more targeted. The price will go to more than 1,000 yuan, and these products can be packaged with some space effect materials. Such as vacuum or special packaging. The color is gold, silver, and it is best to set some paintings. The material can be made of enamel materials, as well as cloisonne, crystal and so on. These products are packaged to make consumers feel that this is a reliable product. Although this is only a psychological suggestion, it is enough to show that the packaging material has indeed used such a high-value material, so the high-tech ingredients contained in it can certainly achieve better results.

Outer packaging design should have Chinese characteristics and advanced awareness

Nowadays, many domestic products are packaged, like avatars and signatures. This has been very popular in foreign countries. Unfortunately, it is now out of date. In fact, the packaging of products is not only to catch up with the trend, but to surpass the trend, and to look after fifty years. Now we know that Chanel perfumes, as well as other perfumes, have been designed and packaged decades ago, and now it seems that the same sense of the times also leads the trend. Another example is LANCOME, which used roses as a symbol of their products from the very beginning. Now, as soon as you see the rose on the packaging, you will know that its fragrance and its ingredients have the essence of roses. This is very worth learning for domestic companies.

In fact, what we need to do now is to use consciousness to guide consumption, not just to strengthen consumption. For example, Anna sui from abroad, this is the perfume brand for many years. And consumers only need to pass the outer packaging, they can understand: this is a sweet perfume. Its pink series color description, as long as it is the brand that uses this perfume, are sweet girls.

Helena (HR) has a mascara in a gold-colored outer wrap that looks plump and slender. This kind of packaging can give consumers a psychological hint: as long as you use this product, you can get long and full effect. At the same time, its quality can indeed achieve such an effect. Consumers can use this product to create a sense of value.

Nowadays, some cosmetics containing Chinese medicine ingredients have been introduced on the market. The big disadvantage of these products is that the outer packaging is very westernized. In fact, since we are using the national quintessence of our country, Chinese medicine products, we should use outer packaging with Chinese characteristics. For example, the color can be boldly red, bright yellow, and dark blue.

Of course, many product packagings use Chinese characteristics. But a lot of it is because the color is not properly matched, it also becomes a failure of packaging, and this is not lack of examples.

It is worth mentioning that I once went to Indonesia to see a hand cream developed with Indonesian herbs. What attracted me most at the time was its outer packaging: a small box made of rattan and a hard plastic inside. At first glance, it has a local flavor and a desire to collect.


In fact, China has thousands of years of accumulation in color and decoration, and many elements can be applied. Since the product comes from China, it should reflect the characteristics of China on the packaging, not only makes people have the desire to buy, but also can use the collection to commemorate. When foreign tourists come to China and want to buy them as souvenirs, the packaging of such products will be successful. And how to do this step, this requires the industry to think about it.

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