The purchase of solid wood flooring is a misunderstanding of subconsciousness

There are many kinds of solid wood flooring materials sold on the market, and the price ranges from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. Some floors made of precious wood are generally more expensive. Therefore, some consumers mistakenly believe that the quality of solid wood or solid wood composite flooring made of precious trees is better.

The better the quality of the floor using precious wood?

The so-called "thin is expensive", the price of flooring made of precious wood is high, mainly because the wood texture is beautiful, and the amount is small or because of the long growth cycle.

However, rarity and beauty do not mean that the performance of the wood will be better. The quality of the wooden floor mainly depends on the processing technology. If the adding process is not good, the quality of the wooden floor made of precious wood may not be comparable to that of the ordinary material. Consumers should not blindly admire the precious materials, but should first understand the performance of the wood, and then choose the right brand. In addition, factors such as the professional level of paving, post-maintenance and after-sales service should also be taken into account.

Solid wood flooring is not wearable?

Traditional solid wood flooring, the surface is only covered with a layer of lacquer, the wear resistance is indeed worse than the composite floor. However, many brands now use various new technologies such as titanium crystal face and 10,000 diamond grade paint surface, which greatly improves the wear resistance of solid wood flooring. The abrasion resistance of these solid wood flooring is very close to that of the composite floor. Even if you wear high heels on it, you will not worry about the surface being ground. In order to prove the superior wear resistance of some products, some merchants are paving the floor of the store in the store floor for the purchaser to step on.

The color difference and texture are the same, is it a good floor?

The color of the same tree will inevitably be different due to the different natural environments such as the location of planting, sunlight, and temperature. And sawing a tree, the color and texture of the wood will certainly not be exactly the same due to the different cutting directions. Therefore, the objective color difference and uneven pattern of the solid wood floor or solid wood composite floor are normal phenomena, which is the natural characteristics of wood and the charm of natural wood. The national standards for solid wood flooring, there is no indicator of color difference.

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