The new development potential of furniture enterprises is endless

Due to the regulation of the real estate industry, coupled with the increase in raw material prices and the increase in human resource costs, these factors have had a great impact on the home furnishing industry. In the depressed market atmosphere, home furnishing companies have to find a new way out. Must do the following four points:

First, product quality

Quality is the foundation of enterprise production. If there is no good quality guarantee, no matter how good the brand promotion is, everything will be in vain. Running a business is like building a house. Product quality is the cornerstone of the company. Only with the guarantee of quality, everything else is possible. In order to develop in the long run, furniture companies must enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, strictly control raw materials, and strive to produce high-quality products for consumers.

Second, the production process

Process and quality are in fact complementary, good products, single quality is not good, single process is not good, both are indispensable. Good product technology, first, the need for advanced equipment, and second, the need for high-tech talent. Each process is responsible for the process, that is, each process is equipped with responsible persons, refining responsibility, and refining management. At the same time, the reporting system is implemented, so that every employee becomes a supervisor and reduces the error rate.

Third, service capabilities

When dealers choose brands, they value the service level of the company. Good service can not only attract new dealers, but also retain old dealers. A company's service to dealers mainly includes three aspects: marketing services, daily communication and after-sales service. Marketing services are mainly reflected in several aspects of site selection, decoration and opening promotion. Daily communication is the most easily overlooked problem for the company. After the dealer opens the business, it ignores it, causing the dealer to feel a big gap and can't find a sense of belonging. Therefore, daily communication services must be done well.

Fourth, product prices

Price setting is a science, and companies can't take it for granted when setting prices for products. Before formulating product prices, sales personnel must conduct in-depth market research, listen to distributors' opinions, and collect competitors' product price information to ensure that the final product price can satisfy both dealers and consumers, and enable enterprises to obtain sufficient profit.

Of course, there are still many uncertainties in the development of furniture enterprises, but as long as furniture companies achieve the above four points, establish their own brands, adapt to the market, and meet the needs of consumers, I believe that there will be greater development potential. Step out of a new development path.

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