The general direction of modern mechanical packaging

In fact, from the mainstream, many existing well-designed bags and boxes have advantages in this respect, because the economy rationally simplifies the packaging form and structure, and related processes and equipment, which can significantly reduce the production and sales process. All kinds of waste are consumed, and the occurrence of many unstable factors is eliminated, which in turn improves the overall efficiency and ultimately reflects the general direction of modern packaging.

With the acceleration of people's daily work pace, the richness of nutritious and health foods and the awareness of environmental protection have increased. In the future, there will be many new requirements for food and its packaging. What attracts people's attention today is that, given the rapid spread of refrigerators and microwave ovens, and other related conditions gradually maturing, it will not be long, and fast foods will be developed into households, enterprises and institutions through the development of quick-frozen foods as convenience foods.

At the same time, we must also develop new technologies and new products such as vacuum packaging, vacuum inflatable packaging, and aseptic packaging according to local conditions so that it can be organically combined with quick-freeze packaging to jointly promote food packaging to a higher level. In this way, consumers at all levels hope that the small package of foods that are packaged as the main body should be portable, mainly means that the package should be easily opened, placed arbitrarily, sealed several times, and used after it is collected. It is safe and reliable. Therefore, we must take appropriate measures to further improve the type of bags and boxes, and to achieve the scientific and diversified structure of the main full and sealed structures.

It is generally acknowledged that in the commercial competition, both material quality and price must always be taken into consideration. If this can be done effectively, it will not be difficult to occupy the market and be invincible. One of the ways out is to effectively realize the dialectical unity of rational packaging and simplified packaging. The reason is obvious. Reasoning also includes simplification, but simplification is not necessarily reasonable.

It is understood that the Indian government will invest up to 20 billion U.S. dollars in the food processing industry from 2002 to 2007; Indonesia's food packaging machinery industry will develop relatively slowly and rely on imports; in addition, West African countries that use agriculture as their economic pillar will also actively develop food products. Industry, and need to import a large number of food processing machinery. With these favorable factors in mind, it is expected that China's food processing industry will maintain steady growth in 2006.

In order to meet the market demand, the Chinese food packaging industry is actively ridding itself of numerous and low-tech images, and is developing in the direction of multi-functionalization, modularization, intelligent control, and high precision. In addition, more and more companies are applying high-tech mechanical and electrical integration technologies to packaging machinery, including PLC control, HMI human-machine dialogue, and servo control technology. At the same time, a variety of high value-added new technologies have also received support from companies such as cold sterilization technology and active packaging technology.

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