The furniture industry seizes the high-end furniture maintenance market

Recently, with the continuous rise of international commodities and oil prices, high-end furniture represented by mahogany furniture in the home furnishing industry has also been popular, and the market investment and speculation atmosphere is extremely hot. Despite the rising prices of these furniture, consumers' enthusiasm for high-end furniture has increased year by year, and mahogany furniture and its substitutes, antique furniture, etc. have become objects of use and collection. The surge in high-end furniture and the high-end furniture in the previous stock are giving birth to a large high-end furniture maintenance market. In China, where the products are light and light, what is the current status of the furniture maintenance market?

High-end furniture brand maintenance is limited to written

The relevant state departments stipulate that the after-sales warranty and maintenance business of furniture is one year. The author learned from the relevant stores of the high-end furniture floor of Hongxing Meikailong Pudong store: Although most brands will provide paid extension warranty and maintenance services outside the one-year period, they can indeed do a good repair business. But even the maintenance business within the prescribed time limit is difficult to do, or it is very unprofessional.

At the time of the interview, the author met Ms. Wu, who was buying furniture at the store. She said that the hundreds of thousands of tables in the house were wiped with a damp cloth when being repaired by brand maintenance personnel, and soon there was a crack because the repairer The person who is in maintenance is not in the same batch, and does not know how to maintain it. Therefore, it has caused irreparable damage, but it is impossible to obtain evidence. He has to come to negotiate and see how to coordinate the solution.

In the furniture industry, there are very few dedicated national after-sales service centers and joint warranty services like 3C Digital. This has to a certain extent avoided the dealer's "string goods" problem, but also lost some of the high-end consumer market, these consumers value furniture quality and value-added, but moved around the country, and even around the world. According to the author's understanding, there are few brands that have perfect after-sales service. For example, Meikemei, which features high-end American furniture, has the after-sales service of “buying furniture, permanently helping to move home” and regular on-site maintenance services. The market share of these well-known brands is less than 10%, and more tens of thousands of brands are still blank in after-sales value-added services and maintenance.

Traditional high-end furniture maintenance is more difficult

Unlike modern brand furniture, which is mostly made of wood lacquer, high-end furniture such as mahogany and rosewood that have been passed down from generation to generation in general has no paint layer on the surface and is more difficult to maintain. With the climate and the environment of the storage site, the wood has been continuously expanded and expanded, which requires more professional maintenance. The author tried to consult several mahogany brands at the store and was willing to undertake the repair and maintenance of the old mahogany.

A business owner revealed the mystery to the author: First of all, the old redwood has been passed down for years, and it is inevitable that it will be exposed to too humid or dry places, causing internal mildew, corrosion or cracking and fading. This may not be through ordinary maintenance. fixed. Secondly, because of the different regional crafts, the different styles of mahogany need different maintenance methods, but the general mahogany furniture owners rarely know the origin and craft of their furniture. If it is not a high-end wood species, the professional engraving craftsman can rarely Professionally maintain these old antiques. Most of these craftsmen serve the brand's factories, and they spend a lot of money and resources to develop the maintenance market of traditional high-end furniture. For the brand, the opportunity cost is too large.

Today, with the rapid development of marketization and information, the traditional marketing model is gradually being replaced by a new service-first model. Inevitably, more and more brands will make a fuss in after-sales and maintenance; With the enhancement of financial management concepts, the traditional high-end furniture market will surely receive more and more attention. Maybe one day in the future, it will become fashionable to spend a lot of money on the professional craftsman of the brand to take care of the mahogany of your home, and this field will become the extension of the industrial chain of the furniture enterprise.

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