Talking about the delicate relationship between good wine and good bottle

In the past when there was a shortage of products, good wine was sure to be sold and not sold out. In today's market, there are too many good wines, good wines can be sold with good wine bottles, good wines can be used to make wine bottles, and wines are not necessarily sold. Poor wines can be sold well, poor wines are also poorly prepared. There is no guarantee that no one will buy it. The diversity of the market has caused a lot of disturbance and confusion for our marketing work. From the actual point of view of the W-class (high-end economy class), this is a good bottle of wine, but it is difficult to sell. Wine is an aspect, and the importance of the bottle is self-evident. The introduction and promotion of the W cabin has, to some extent, introduced a new product to the market, but the core product value has not been reflected. After the wine is finished, the wine bottle is kept, especially the good wine bottle is placed in the wine cabinet of the home, it seems to be a very good decoration. What can W-Class customers leave behind after they complete their trip? What kind of aftertaste can the W cabin bring to customers? These should be the key to the uniqueness of our manifestation in the W cabin. That is, what we say is good wine. Where is the good, there is a cultural heritage, or can satisfy a customer's consumption psychology. I define these as "post-service marketing", that is, the satisfaction that customers can bring to customers after they finish their consumption activities. We have spent more time on how to conduct marketing before customers purchase. After the purchase is completed, marketing activities will be greatly reduced. In fact, the real effort should be placed after consumption, so as to increase the customer's lifetime discount value. Time, improve customer loyalty to the company. Therefore, the marketing of the W-Class should be more focused on how to do a good job of the “wine and wine bottle” article. The culture of the wine bottle is good, and the true core competitive value of the W-Class can be reflected. From the perspective of another driving factor of product value, "alley" is also a problem that we need to pay attention to, that is, how customers can get in the most convenient way. Today's customers can choose more “good wines”, more “alleys” that can walk, different alleys, and different choices for customers, but the most convenient alley is the customer’s favorite, and the best alley is Acquaintances, it will be very convenient to go in every time, and there are problems to solve. B2C's sales approach can increase the audience's face in the face of the public, but for the W-class, the intimate customer manager seems to be more able to reflect the value and convenience of the W-class cabin. When the customer just has a phone call, they can worry about it. Rest assured that with a bag you can reach your destination.

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