Taiwanese supermodel and whitening PK competition

OLAY advertising is now the hottest cosmetics star endorsement Lin Zhiling and Xiao S, two big whitening PK stations are about to begin, come, and come to teach and teach.

Lin Zhiling's whitening secret :

1. It is also necessary to protect from the sun.

For ultraviolet light, it always exists every moment. Even in the rainy weather, although the sun is weak, we still need to use sunscreen products every day.

2. Always add enough vitamin C every day.

Lin Zhiling

Whitening requires not only the help of whitening products, but also the conditioning inside the body. Therefore, we should eat more products containing a lot of vitamin C, such as oranges, in our daily diet. If there is no time, we must make a quantitative supplement of vitamin C tablets every day.

3. Indoor sun protection is critical.

Especially in the current office, the time spent indoors is about 12 hours a day, so you should apply sunscreen indoors, and it is best to apply it at different times.

4. Drink plenty of water, especially lemonade and barley water.

Lin Zhiling

Although we are also drinking water every day, we must add a variety of different water effects, such as honey water has a good effect of moisturizing the intestines, while barley water has a good drainage effect.

5. The sun protection of the neck can not be ignored.

The sunscreen on the neck is ignored by many people, so we must wipe the neck with our hands every time you wipe the sunscreen, and pay attention to the makeup removal of the neck at night.

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