Small flexo and film imaging systems unveiled in North America

Recently, the world's leading supplier of flexographic digital imaging systems, Esko Corporation has launched its own compact flexo and film imaging system designed for narrow-band labels and trademark printing plants in North America. CDI (Cyrel Digital Imager) Spark 1712.

Jan Buchweitz, Esko's CDI product manager explained: “At present, many trading shops and flexo processing plants that have narrow web presses and need to manually process materials are worried that their film photo opportunities will be eliminated or faced. As for the maintenance cost, our CDI series products are very flexible, not only allowing users to continue imaging on film, but also allowing them to enjoy the convenience of digital workflow and direct plate making."

CDI Spark 1712, like other CDI family products, is one of the most versatile imaging systems on the market. It is capable of digital flexo, oily digital letterpress, digital screen printing plates, chemical-free film and chemical-free. Process the offset plate for imaging.

It is understood that, with the help of the CDI system, Esko's customers can save 20% of the plate-making cost during the conversion from analog to digital film.

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