Rock fan makeup black smoky makeup

Smoky makeup is a favorite of many girls can make the eyes bigger and more radiant, add the charm of the eyes, you must know that the black smoked makeup and exaggerated eyeliner is the logo of the rock and roll, the eye shadow and the eyeliner create a bit of ghost Tempting temperament. Do you want to learn? Let's come together.

Rock smoky makeup is the favorite of many girls

Rock fan makeup black smoked makeup

The eye makeup focuses on strengthening the smudge of the lower eyelids, bringing out the sexy effect of the drooping eyes, and the lustrous color of one or two places can reveal a refreshing feeling even in the dark makeup.

Makeup artist's advice Yes or No

Eye shadow color selection is very important

Rock fan makeup black smoked makeup


NO: The eyelashes with smoky makeup must be thick enough to show the three-dimensionality, otherwise the eyes will be eaten by the excessive eye makeup. Eyelashes should be concentrated and repeatedly applied from the eye to the end of the eye to enhance the density of the eyelashes, but should not be brushed into flies.

White eyeshadow powder:

YES: If you feel that the smoky makeup is too heavy, you can use pearlescent white eyeshadow powder. Or the white eyeliner is brightened inside the corner of the eye, which makes the entire makeup feel breathable.

Can use pearlescent white eyeshadow powder

Black eye shadow powder:

YES: Use a soft cotton swab to replace the eyeliner with a black eye shadow, or use an eyeliner to make a deep smudge and smudge.


NO: The focus of smoky makeup is the outstanding eye makeup. So blush chooses a lighter color, and the lips use a honey color to add a sweet touch to the rock makeup.

Smokey eye makeup colliding with candy lips


Rock fan makeup black smoked makeup

Step1: Before applying the eyeshadow, draw a close-knit thick eyeliner at the upper and lower eyeliner positions. After painting, slowly smudge it to create a black eye shadow background.

Step2: Repeat the painting on the eyelids with a dark eye shadow, but the range of dark eye shadows should be reduced. Do 1/2 of the eyebrows and eyelashes, there must be a sense of gradient.

Step3: Use a pearlescent white eye shadow powder at the eye, or a white eyeliner to smear, point or draw a little white on the corner of the eye. This will make the whole makeup feel breathable.

Step4: Eyelashes should be concentrated and repeatedly applied in the eyes to the end of the eyes. After brushing the first layer, be sure to wait for the mascara to dry, then brush the second layer to enhance the density of the eyelashes.