Roasted food yeast packaging developed successfully

The fully sealed and slightly inflated package contains granular, fresh, high fluidity baking yeast with excellent physical and biochemical preservation properties.

The encapsulant and enveloping process described above include the selection of the enveloping bag plastic coating film material, and the encapsulant material is completely impermeable to oxygen, carbon dioxide gas, and water vapor.

In addition, the enveloping process does not contain more than 70% of the moisture content of the yeast; as a sealed package, almost no excess air is entrapped during encapsulation. Encapsulation materials are affected by time and temperature conditions, at which time the stored yeast is automatically fermented to produce a certain amount of carbon dioxide gas, which is necessary for preservation of the yeast. The above time and temperature conditions are completely harmless to the fermentative activity of the stored yeast.

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