Perfect woman neck hand care essential

We have been touched by a pair of gentle gentleness and tenderness, and have been dizzy for the sexy neck in the rotating dance. The woman who exudes elegance and charm in the neck, the delicate hand is their beautiful capital, and the careful care of the neck is the secret of beauty.

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Swan Neck want to know a person's age, first look at her neck. It can be seen how weak the skin in this part is. Compared with other parts of the body, the skin of the neck lacks the protection of the sebaceous glands. In addition, the skin on the neck is thin, and the ability to resist dryness is weak. The problem of dryness and aging occurs when the skin is dehydrated. In fact, as long as you spend a few minutes a day and a careful thought, you can develop a perfect neck like a swan.
To face, more to the neck As the same exposed part, the face is as important as the neck. The appearance of dry lines in the neck lack of water will also make us "no face". Therefore, whether it is in cleansing, applying cream or exfoliating, you must not neglect the neck care.
First of all, cleansing face should be attached to the neck, first cleaned with a mild cleansing lotion, and then used a special neck cream to maintain nutrition and moisture for this special part. The neck cream is best based on water. If you don't have a neck cream, you can use a moisturizing night cream, but remember not to apply too thick. Applying with a lifting method can effectively reduce the texture and ensure the skin of the neck is bright and moist.
In addition to daily attention to the neck during cleansing and skin care, it is necessary to regularly exfoliate the neck and apply the neck membrane. It is best to use a product specifically for the neck of the neck membrane. If it is not available, some cream masks can be used instead. Try not to use a tear-type mask, because the neck skin is generally slack, the use of a tear-type mask will only make the neck more relaxed, small lines will also emerge.
After finishing the neck special care, you can't forget the massage. We not only need to provide enough water for the neck, but also try to keep the water in the skin. The specific method is: after finishing the evening care, apply moisturizing lotion to the neck, then from bottom to top, massage 20-30 times. Until the emulsion is completely absorbed. Pay attention to the massage method is to start with the clavicle, gently massage upwards; then use the thumb and forefinger of both hands along the lower jaw line, and massage the center to the left and right ears. This is an important massage method to modify the neckline; Finally, use the index finger and middle finger of both hands to massage the wind pool behind the neck to promote blood circulation.
The movement must be gentle when you massage, this gentle moment should let the neck slowly enjoy.
Slim jade hand care and facial care should be throughout the year. And the goal of the hand guard is not only positioned for moisturizing and moisturizing, but also for repairing and anti-aging. A hand cream containing vitamin E or coenzyme Q10 is effective against free radical attack. Older women can choose a hand cream that contains vitamin A and delays the formation of wrinkles in the hands.
No best, only the most suitable Although the moisturizing ingredients of hand cream are not much different, but according to the needs of everyone, especially the different activities, hand cream also has different effects.
If you have been in constant contact with your computer in an air-conditioned room for a long time, your hands are dry and dehydrated and exposed to close-range radiation. Highly moisturizing is your first choice. You can choose a moisturizing hand cream rich in herbal or algae extracts.
If you are exposed to more alkaline substances, the skin of your hands is easily roughened by the damage caused by “micro-corrosion”. Repairing care becomes a necessary lesson for your hands. You should choose a repairing element rich in natural fruit acids and vitamin E. The "Repair" hand cream will work better with a hand cream containing squalane and hyaluronic acid. They are not only moisturizing and repairing, but also provide deep moisturizing for dry and rough hands.
If you stay outdoors for a long time, the skin of your hands becomes dark and rough after being exposed to the wind and the sun. At this time, the hand cream with whitening and moisturizing effect is the first choice. Then use the hand cream to wipe around the nails to avoid chapped and Peeling phenomenon.
No matter which type of hand cream you choose, you should cooperate with hand massage or consciously do hand beauty exercises to get better results. Spread the hand cream evenly on the back of the hand, use your fingers to circulate and massage in the back of the hand, and massage the finger joints until the hands are hot. The hand cream is completely absorbed by the skin. "Hand massage" is also very simple, simulating the action of playing the piano or typing to move the finger joints, or the ten fingers are pressed against the hand to achieve the effect of accelerating blood circulation.
If your hands are very dry or damaged, or even chapped, you can make a hand mask before going to sleep, then apply a thick hand cream, then put on your gloves to sleep, wake up the next day, you will I found the hand delicate and white.

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