Online shopping cosmetics sample should pay attention

Some samples of Taobao cosmetics were forcibly removed
"It was 18 pages off, a total of 352 items. Most of them are small samples." "A lot of demos in the homepage are off the shelf."... Recently, some Taobao shop sellers complained that the cosmetics samples in the store were The website is forced to be removed. This practice has also caused discussion among many consumers.
Is it legal to sell cosmetic samples? According to legal experts, the current laws and regulations do not clearly define cosmetic samples, so it is difficult to determine legally. Consumers should be cautious when purchasing through the Internet.
Online shopping is called "small sample super cost-effective"
In the shopping forum, with the increasing number of “shopping brands” of online shopping cosmetics, the original sample as a counter gift has also been upgraded to the main products of many stores. After entering the keyword sample on Taobao, you can search more than 280,000 related products, mainly in beauty skin care, makeup, and perfume. One of the shops selling “mask samples” sold more than 8,000 products in 30 days. .
Compared with genuine products, cosmetic samples are not only easier to carry, but also more advantageous in terms of price. "Taking a product of Estee Lauder as an example, the size of the sample on Taobao is 7ml, as long as 30 yuan, and the specification of 50ml in the counter is priced at 790 yuan. It is much more cost-effective to calculate the sample." A friend named "Sandy" Say. Many shoppers like "Sandy" will use "Net Amoy" as a way to save money.
Samples must be certified on the shelves
"A lot of the treasures in the store have been removed from the store recently, including more than 10 kinds of cosmetic samples. I thought it was a mistake in the category of goods. Later I learned that the sample of cosmetics could not be sold. If you want to sell it, you need a power of attorney." The seller of the drug makeup shop said, "Taobao's customer service said that if you can't give enough evidence to prove that the sample is genuine, you have to get off the shelf, and some other sellers have encountered the same situation." Some sellers reluctantly said, " Many of the samples are purchased from the counter, and the merchants will not issue invoices. There are also many sample samples that are attached to the magazines or counters.
Taobao said that the shelves are fake explained that in fact, there is currently no ban on the sale of small samples on the website, but the store must guarantee that the products provided are genuine. "The samples that are currently being removed are fakes, which are part of the special anti-counterfeiting activities of the website." According to relevant sources, buyers are better off choosing "consumer protection", "7 days return", "fake one lost ten" In the store, once a dispute arises, the rights of consumers can be guaranteed.
The cosmetics sales staff of a shopping mall in Nanjing East Road said: "According to the manufacturer's regulations, the sample is a gift that cannot be used for sale." She pointed out that many cosmetic samples in online stores are not purchased through regular channels, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.
Gao Jun, a lawyer at Duan and Duan Law Firm, said that although the cosmetics sample clearly stated “not for sale”, it is not clearly defined in the law, so it is difficult to determine whether the sample can be sold. When consumers purchase cosmetic samples online, they should pay attention to the integrity of the packaging, see the expiration date and production date, and whether it will cause allergic reactions to the skin.

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