One of the "cold" scanning techniques

1, scan the picture suitable for network transmission

To scan a photo into an image suitable for network transmission, scan it as follows: Under normal circumstances, when scanning a photo, we need to reselect the selection area of ​​the image, scan the generated image, and also need to input Processing is performed in the professional image software so that the image size can be reset in the processed software. In order to fit the resulting image to the screen, you should select the unit of measurement for the scanner instead of inches or other units of measurement. In this case, no matter how the system's display settings are adjusted, the number of pixels occupied by the image itself and the number of display pixels set on the display screen will always maintain an appropriate size. In addition, when re-adjusting the size of the image, we set the resolution of the scanner as low as possible so that the pixels of the image can be dispersed without changing the image format. Reduce the file size of the image. In general, as long as the scanning resolution is set to 72ppi, it is more conducive to network transmission, and the sharpness of the image is not greatly affected.

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