New Generation Linear Blow Molding Machine SBO Com-pactTM

Sidel exhibited its new generation of linear blow moulding machine SBO CompactTM at this exhibition. SBO CompactTM is manufactured at Sidel's facility in Malaysia. The SBO CompactTM Blow Molding Machine has a designed output rate of less than 7000 bph. It is a new generation of entry-level products for the SBO CompactTM Plastic Series. It is also the first linear blower independently developed and produced by Sidel.

The low-speed SBO CompactTM series adopts a linear structure with 2 to 4 cavities to meet market demand for small, cost-effective equipment. Although similar to the rotary SBO model, they are unique. Compared with the high-output rotary equipment, the components of the linear structure are more simplified and the body is more compact. SBO CompactTM is the same as other Sidel SBO devices. The main control part adopts a pure mechanical design to ensure the performance and reliability of the equipment. The forward transmission under the bottleneck is a major innovation for linear devices. The use of the device avoids contact with preform bottles and ensures higher packaging quality. The SBO CompactTM achieves the performance level of the Superior Plastics series, with an overall machine utilization rate of 95% and a single mold productivity of 1600 bottles/hour. It can meet the high quality standards of Sidel bottles, and its reject rate is less than 0.2%. The blowing machine can be connected with a small filling machine, mainly for the carbonated beverage and non-inflatable liquid food market.

SBO CompactTM faithfully reflects the concept of SBO equipment. Like other SBO devices, this device guarantees its performance and reliability due to the purely mechanical design of its main control section. The forward transmission under the bottleneck also represents a major innovation in linear devices. Compared with the transmission method using the rotary SBO, this linear structure reduces the number of interfaces and is therefore more reliable; moreover, it does not need to touch the preform bottle, thereby ensuring a higher packaging quality.

SBO CompactTM also includes some of the features of the latest generation of excellent plastic bottle blowing machines. For example, the heating and blowing modules are carefully designed to achieve the most stringent technical requirements even at high output rates. In addition to the enhanced performance, the device also reduces energy consumption as well as the Superior Plastics line, resulting in significant economic benefits.

Based on the linear structure, the key functions of the device are designed as independent, easy-to-unload modules for easy maintenance. Especially worth mentioning is that the blowing unit is located directly in front of the fuselage. The above configuration makes the device highly flexible. Like other superior plastic series devices, CompactTM has Universal ShellTM molds that can be quickly replaced, and most custom parts can be used interchangeably.

In order to expedite the installation and production cycle, the equipment is designed to take into account the available container transport, and can be installed in place with a forklift. All modules of the equipment are in a rigid frame, and all components are factory presets, including guide rollers. Therefore, the assembly is simple and easy without any wiring.

Source: Packaging Machinery

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