Meng female is cleverly creating clear nude makeup

Summer is approaching, JMS of Amy is determined to play the game, and want to have a child-like face, Baby nude makeup is the biggest key, this 360xh Xiaobian teaches you if you use BB cream to create a clear Naked makeup~

Wonderful use of BB cream to paint clear skin

Wonderful use of BB cream to paint clear skin

The new season's makeup products have been released, BB cream, makeup front and foundation products are wonderful, but the makeup skills are still the key to make the makeup add points, we must teach the creation of natural beauty, and Say goodbye to the youthful beauty of fatigue.

Step by step

Step by step

1. Apply BB cream over a large area

Take an appropriate amount of BB cream, starting from the wide cheeks and forehead, and apply evenly from the inside out.

2. Tap to make BB cream more skin

Then use your finger to tap the BB cream powder to "eat" into the skin, and feel more docile.

3. Finely draw a circle without a toner

For the fine parts of the nose, the corners of the eyes and the corners of the mouth, it is necessary to draw a circle on the fingertips to make the BB cream evenly distributed without pollen.

4. Dull parts repeatedly

Dark circles, spots and uneven skin tone are more dull. You can use the fingertips to apply BB cream and pat on the lap to make the whole uniform.

5. Pearl BB three-dimensional

Use a BB cream with a pearlescent luster and apply it to the forehead and nose bridge (avoiding the oily nose) to create a three-dimensional look.

6. Manufacture of light translucent

The visual center of gravity that is visible at the moment and above the cheekbones is also patted with pearlescent BB cream to reveal the skin's luster.

7. Create a natural red sensation

Apply a creamy blush to the fingertips and apply it to the smiling muscles in a small number of ways to create a natural flush.

8. Local honey powder makeup

After using the honey powder brush to pick up the powder, rotate the paper on the paper or palm to distribute the powder evenly, and brush it only in the oily T shape.

Thousands of art makeup

Thousands of art makeup

Editor's Choice

1. Estee Lauder Intensive Whitening Repair Cream SPF30+/PA+++ RMB460/30ml

All-in-one: Instantly whitens skin, is flawless, and provides protection to the skin. Whitening and high sun protection help the skin prevent the formation of pigmentation, leaving the skin naturally smooth and flawless. Prevents oily skin from escaping and moisturizes the skin throughout the day. A refreshing, non-greasy texture that instantly brightens the complexion, covers the blemishes, and looks clear and bright. Leaves skin smooth & easy to apply

2. Maybelline Pure Mineral BB Cream SPF25PA+++ RMB99/30ml

Improves skin texture and evens skin tone! Unique earth color contains 8 kinds of minerals, which can easily bring multiple effects such as skin care and beauty. Brightens and evens skin tone, brightens skin tone and leaves skin healthy and even! ç‘•ç–µ Invisible: Makes pores invisible, flawless skin tone, reduces skin redness; moisturizes + sunscreen: moisturizes without interruption, and protects skin from UV rays.

3. Qianyi BB Cream RMB168

It can improve the fine lines of the skin, brighten the skin, and has no oily and greasy feeling. It can replace the cream and foundation, simplify the complicated makeup procedure in the past, make the makeup in one step, and make the makeup simple.

Qianyi BB Cream

Save time and effort, multi-effect: the dual function of isolation and foundation makes the skin delicate, natural and clear. Save time and effort, set nutrient moisturizing, skin elasticity improvement, anti-wrinkle, radiant skin, skin management, whitening repair, mediating sebum, resisting UV dirty air and other effects.

Fine powder: Ultra-fine powder makes you feel evenly smooth and full of delicate happiness.

Feel free to apply, easy to carry: you can make up anytime, anywhere, as long as a little bit, the color suddenly rises, and the makeup looks refined.

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