Japan launches non-contact new computer packaging jet printer

A new type of computer-controlled jet printer that can print by using non-contact printing method, can print at high speed, and at the same time the packaging product's manufacturing date, service life, serial number, batch number, trademark, bar code, etc., was recently produced by Hitachi, Japan. The company has successfully developed and used it very efficiently.

It is reported that under the trend of high-speed production and automation, marking and printing operations for end products of food, canned foods, pharmaceuticals, electronic parts and other products have also entered automation, and traditional transfer printing or contact printing methods have been unable to meet the need for high speed. Automation requirements. Japan's Hitachi, the company launched a computer package jet printer, with 10.4 inches large LCD Chinese operation panel, easy operation and maintenance, and supplies. The font size of the printer can be adjusted from 2mm to 8mm. It can print Chinese, English, and Japanese. The maximum printing speed is 2270 words per second. The ink solvent consumption is small, the printing cost is low, and the automatic cleaning function is suitable for foods. , beverages, cans, pharmaceuticals, electronics and cosmetics and other industries packaging use.


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