Hundreds of "the greatest toys" witness the development of the toy industry

[Chinese and foreign toy nets] Toy culture] The famous American media "Time" magazine recently launched a special topic, introducing 100 "the greatest toys" from 1923 until now. From these hundred classic toys, we can see the historical imprint of the development of the toy industry. The following are representative products that we have selected for readers in various eras, reviewing history and looking forward to the future.

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â—† 1920~1929

Radio flyer

Two most prominent masterpieces appeared during this period: the radio flyer four-wheeler and the three-dimensional villain. In the early 20th century, millions of European immigrants came to the United States. One of the carpenters from Italy, 16-year-old antonio pasin, began to use stamped metal to make toy vans. By 1923, he had finally saved enough money to open the liberty coaster company, and began mass production of the red toy four-wheeler, which sold for less than $3, and named it radio flyer, to commemorate his favorite at that time. Two inventions - radio and airplane.

Three-dimensional book

As early as the 14th century, the first three-dimensional book appeared, but it was not made for children until the early 20th century. At this time, the new technology enables the three-dimensional books to be opened and popped up in three-dimensional shapes. By 1929, the three-dimensional book was basically the same as what we saw today.

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The appearance of yoyo ( yo-yo ) dates back to 500 BC, but it did not officially rise until the 1920s. A young man named Pedro Flores saw its development potential in the United States. In 1988, he founded the yo-yo manufacturing company and began selling yoyo toys in Los Angeles, and then opened his own factory. In just one year, the company has produced about 300,000 yoyo toys every day. It is a sensation in the United States, and the yoyo competition is still taking place nationwide.

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