Hua Yi Decoration Zhang Bingsheng: Only calm can see the profoundness of life

Chief designer of Huizhou Huayi Decoration Co., Ltd.

The "beauty" of life is peaceful. The moving beauty of life is also the beauty of peace. The passionate lifestyle may not be the true essence of life. Only peace is the broadness of life. Only calmness can see the profoundness of life. We are not only designing space, but also designing a way of life . ——Zhang Bingsheng

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On March 24th, the press conference of the first CITIC Model House Design Competition hosted by CITIC Real Estate and co-organized by Xizi Home was held at the CITIC Waterfront Chengwan District Experience Hall. More than ten decoration companies participated in this competition. Today, we invited one of the representatives to represent Huizhou Huayi Decoration Co., Ltd., the chief designer of Mr. Zhang Bingsheng, to talk with us about his design philosophy and their participation.

Reporter: Our current interview with the designer invited Mr. Zhang Bingsheng, the chief designer of Huizhou Huayi Decoration Co., Ltd. Hello, Mr. Zhang! I heard that you have always advocated the beauty of peace in your design. How do you think about this "peace"?

Zhang: Personally, the "beauty" of life should be peaceful. The moving beauty of life is also beautiful when it is calm. The passionate lifestyle may not be the true essence of life. Only peace is the broadness of life, only calm. Seeing the profoundness of life, we are not only designing space, but also designing a way of life.

Reporter: So, how do you integrate this peace of mind with the human settlements in your design?

Zhang: This is mainly from the character's personality and living habits, reflected in the details. For example, the owner is more interested in literature, in the design you have to pay attention to the creation of the book fragrance at home. Modern urban people have a fast pace of life and high work pressure. When they return home after a busy day, they hope to be immersed in a comfortable environment. You only have to fully consider the owner's interest, good love, and habit to design. When he lives, he can feel comfortable and live in his favorite environment. The mood will naturally be pleasant. This kind of joy is not an instant stimulation, but a life. Infiltration, smooth and satisfying.

This kind of breath is not only the creation of a style in the general direction, but also the details. There are many people who may have a misunderstanding of the understanding of a good renovation. In my opinion, the so-called "good decoration" is not the pursuit of high-grade materials, the complexity of graphics and modeling, but the functional design should be in place. If this kind of functional high design is in place, it will return to the topic we talked about before. You must have an understanding of the living habits of people living in this house.

For example, in the elderly, the old people always have a special attachment to old things. You will give the old man a new house in a wishful way. Some high-quality daily necessities will completely update the way of life for the elderly. It may not be comfortable for them to live. On the contrary, if you can keep the original items in the new house, put on the old furniture, and change the pull switch... Note that this functional detail design may make them happy in the new environment.

Reporter: That is to say, this kind of peaceful design concept is to maximize the proximity to the essence of human life when designing, and to be people-oriented.

Zhang: Right. Think about what the owner thinks, think about the needs of the owner, and then use our professional ability to make these needs and functions more reasonable in this home.

Reporter: In response to the CITIC Model House Designer Competition, will you also focus on “Peace”? Still have other ideas?

Zhang: I insist on my design principles, and this is no exception. Just for the competition, there is no specific owner, I will follow the mainstream trend of the society to complete this design. Although more and more people in the design of the model house now prefer European design. But in my opinion, the design still has to start from the living habits of the Chinese people. The Chinese style has always been recognized by most people. Take the kitchen, it is not impossible to make an open design, but our cooking methods are different from those in Western countries. We can't just pursue the beauty when designing, and ignore the actual function of the operation. Of course, each style has its own advantages, and occasionally adjusting the taste is also desirable. But no matter what style, details and functions are the focus of our design.

Reporter: Thank you Mr. Zhang for sharing your design ideas with us. I don't know how you and your team think about this model house designer competition?

Zhang: From the launching ceremony, we can see that the decoration companies participating in this competition are well-known companies in Huizhou. This competition gave us a platform for mutual learning and mutual exchange. In this competition, we will use our own design philosophy to speak, and strive to make works that are closer to the essence of life, hoping to make the taste of life that people want.

Reporter: I hope that you will soon be able to see the "peaceful" life that you and your team have brought us! Thank you for taking the time to participate in our interview, thank you!

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