How to see through non-environmental furniture

1. If the furniture is rough, the veneer paint covers the natural wood grain, which means that the old equipment is used, that is, it may not be dried by ultraviolet rays, but benzene is added to accelerate drying.

2. Open the door and have a bad nose and hot eyes.

3. The price is too low.

4. Require the store to provide the formaldehyde emission test by the quality inspection bureau is the national eligibility standard. The standard of 10 mg / 100 g is the standard that does not affect human health.

5. Ask the bottom to determine if the plate used is E1.

6. Check whether the environmental analysis of domestic manufacturers' brands is true.

7. On the purchase contract, it is stated that the E1 grade of plate and formaldehyde emission is guaranteed to reach the E1 standard. If you find an indoor air pollution problem, you must return it and be responsible for the cost of the test.

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