Home Furnishing: Enjoy the fun of life

A family is not only you. Most people will slowly enter the family status of two people from one person. When this step comes, it is even more necessary to strengthen the home as a place to share, and sharing has more details. Need to communicate. Because you are no longer a person, when you get along with your partner and family, you will have more details of your life. The “subtraction concept” of Mr. Ouyang Yinglu, who is known as the “living home”, may help you. .


Home decoration makes good use of the concept of subtraction: enjoy the fun of life

Home layout:

Good at using the concept of subtraction

Ouyang Yingxi believes that the law of subtraction can be applied to both beautifying the home and optimizing the living space. “The concept of subtraction will help us think about whether we need to have so many bits and pieces. Can we be more streamlined? Just choose the basic application that can solve our daily life? When you go step by step, you will find the piecemeal There are fewer things, and the things you need to spend time on processing are relatively insignificant."

The material has a certain influence on the sense of space. Many cotton home textiles have strong color pattern expressiveness and design sense, which can create a very free home feeling. “If you want to make your living environment more spacious, don’t fill your limited home space too much, you can use a multi-purpose house to save space, such as a detachable, foldable fabric sofa bed; and put a few in the living room. The canvas storage box can keep the books, remote control and other debris in order, making the living room look spacious."

Couple interaction: enjoy the fun of matching

If your materials are more fragmented, but not single, it is quite fun to match. With your partner and family, when everyone has a common choice or interest, it will be easier to clean up the home or to unify the aesthetic concepts and styles.

"I remember that I used to play such a game with my wife. Many times we go to the houseware store to see things like tableware. We will go separately and see if we choose the same thing. For example, bowl, I have a few hearts." I will choose what I will choose this time, what will she choose, and then see if everyone's choices match, which is very interesting, because this is both challenging themselves and challenging the other side to have a common hobby. It also requires a lot of courage. Because if everyone's choices are different every time, things will be serious." Ouyang Yingxi said.

If there is a lot of communication in life, know what you really like, and know what the other person likes, when the choices of each other are in line with each other, this is the joy of life.

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