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Mele R3160789C middle-sized walking shoes (female) 38.5# evaluation report

On the morning of December 30, 2009, I received a phone call from Green Fields website and informed me that I had received a shoe. It was a little unexpected and a small surprise. I didn't expect to be selected for evaluation. At noon, I took shoes back. Meile R3160789C medium-sized walking shoes (female models) ) 38.5 # (hereinafter referred to as Meile).


Name:MERRELL Performance Footwear Mele Women's Deep Purple Outdoor Multifunctional Shoes (a1,d1,c)

Upper: PU/nylon mesh, breathable mesh and synthetic leather combined upper, GORE-TEX XCR? waterproof breathable film, waterproof, breathable, sand-proof design of the tongue structure (a)

Insole: ORTHOLITE® Open PU Insole with Bacteriostasis Technology Treatment, 6.6 Intake EVA midsole with Q-Form, AIR-CUSHION at the heel? cushioning cushion (b)

Sole: Vibram Outsole (d)

This section Meile low help, waterproof and breathable mesh upper surface, dark purple nylon strap decoration, dazzling eyes, laces in the nylon and PU material interval into; tongue tongue on the outside of shoes and shoes connected, will not Produced due to poor workmanship or improper storage of the tongue caused by the foot of the situation; rubber toe buffer, to avoid the toes on the way downhill; compression molded insole, heel cushioning air cushion, to keep the soles of the elasticity; sole Vibram outsole wear-resistant anti-slip , 5mm deep pit groove, can handle more complex road conditions; shoe soles and shoe upper adhesive connection, I do not know if there is no open plastic danger.

Try on:

On January 10, 2010, Mele was taken to Xiangshan. The temperature was about minus 4 degrees Celsius on the day and the snow was 2-10cm on the mountains. There was a small amount of ice on some of the roads. Let's talk about using the experience.

First, waterproof performance: some road area snow can already cover the uppers, go all the way to the lunch break, the upper color remains bright, the shoes are not wet, the teammates wear hiking shoes through the snow, the upper has a significant color difference Mele is still consistent with the departure, colorful.

Second, breathable performance: upper surface has a large area of ​​breathable mesh surface, good ventilation, shoes dry, comfortable, no signs of sweating.

Third, warm performance: The body is super-cool type, start to see Mele is a breathable mesh, that the snow will be very cold on the foot of the mountain, but in order to test this shoe or as usual wear two pairs of ordinary sports socks, in the sub zero At a low temperature of 4 degrees Celsius and with snow on the road surface, the result is that when climbing a mountain and eating at noon, there is no feeling of coldness in the feet, and the heat is excellent.

Fourth, anti-skid performance: When climbing Xiangshan there is no snow on the road, under the soles of the feet and walking on the city road is basically no difference; in the snow-covered road, wearing Mele up the mountain, down the mountain will not feel the foot slip, but A small amount of iced parts should still be carefully and safely passed through, especially on the way down the mountain, where it is necessary to use a walking stick to assist in the icy road.

Fifth, shock absorption performance: down the road to take a long distance from the fire protection (from the reservoir to the North Xinzhuang), there are teammates to reflect the slight pain in the knee, a week ago my left knee has a slight ligament strain, Mai Le seismic performance is very good, very at the foot She was flexible and did not wear knee pads on the day and did not feel discomfort on the left knee and had a protective effect on the knee (95).

to sum up:

Mai Le is a pair of outdoor leisure walking shoes, a large area of ​​breathable mesh surface, on the one hand good ventilation, and the other lighter weight, this pair of shoes weighs about 1kg, wearing a very lightweight, no heavy feeling at the foot, completely Can be competent for everyday wear. The toe is big and round, and the toes are well protected. The color of the upper is very good. Especially the purple straps on both sides make the shoes look very delicate, unlike the size of 38.5#. Compared with colors such as odd and green, it is an eye-catching and suitable for amateurs (93). Vibram's outsole design is non-slip and wear-resistant.

Mele comfortable warm, breathable waterproof, grip non-slip, but there is one thing to be aware of, Meile just felt very cardy when worn, shoes and feet do not obey, a few days later the situation is better, need at least a week of run-in period, to be adapted After the foot type can go to climb the mountain, otherwise it will be very painful to wear new shoes to climb the foot directly. Personal feeling is better if the low help is changed to help.

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