Glass bottle production base cannot be formed without government support

At present, China has gradually formed a number of major glass production bases, Shandong Yicheng, Henan Linzhou, Sichuan Longchang main glass bottles. The production of wine bottles includes spraying, baking, frosting and other processes, mainly in the middle-grade market. Jiangsu Rugao mainly produces medicinal glass bottles, Jiangsu Xuzhou produces daily-use glass bottles, and Guangzhou, Guangdong Province mainly produces cosmetics glass bottles.

As for the formation of these glass bottle production bases, we believe that apart from the basic advantages of raw materials, transportation, and other basic advantages of local production of glass bottles, it is inseparable from the active guidance of the local government. Glass bottles are high-energy-consuming enterprises and need a lot of basic energy support, including industrial water and electricity. In addition, we learned from the above glass bottle base that many local governments have given certain tax concessions.

Of course, the formation of the glass bottle base is inseparable from the local traditional glass manufacturing industry. For example, on the basis of glass wine bottles, Shandong Licheng gradually formed the development of related supporting industries such as wine bottle caps, bottle stoppers, bottle labels, etc., and formed an aggregation effect.

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