Early education market chaos like toy development needs to be improved

The development and production of teaching aids and toys is backward and the standards and complete training system for the lack of teachers are also not to be ignored.

[Chinese and foreign toy nets] Consumer culture] The early education market is in full swing and chaotic. Yesterday, the first China-Korea and Japan-Japan Children's Conservation and Education Forum was held in Nanjing. According to the current situation of early childhood education for Chinese infants aged 0-3, Ms. Liu Yunyan, vice chairman of the China Preschool Education Research Association, said: "According to statistics, China is currently about There are 20 million 0-3 years old infants and children, but the educational research for children of this age is almost blank!” She pointed out that China’s current research on early childhood education for 0-3 years old baby is basically blank and weak in practice. .

0-3 years old early education theory research is blank

At the beginning of this year, a professional journal dedicated to children aged 0-3 was launched. However, it was difficult for the magazine to make the magazine a big headache. "We ran a lot of colleges and universities, but found that the research strength and research results for this age group are very Less, not systematic, the theoretical research on infant education before the age of 3 is almost blank. It can be said that almost a year, we feel still in the wasteland!" In this regard, Ms. Liu Yunyan, vice chairman of the China Preschool Education Research Association, also deeply felt . "According to statistics, there are about 20 million to 3 years old infants in China. The education research for children of this age is almost blank!" she told reporters. "At present, a considerable part of the 0-3 years old education is Commercial organizations, what they should pay attention to for children aged 0-3, lack scientific understanding. What do one-sided parents need to give, and no lead, thus causing confusion in the early education market."

Early education curriculum development is too chaotic

Liu Yunyan pointed out that most of the early education institutions are private, and market-oriented operation is its characteristics. However, how to respect the developmental rules and development level of children and provide personalized services need to be improved. Regardless of the fees, or the educational content of knowledge and the simple mechanical education method, many early education institutions are misleading to parents. “The curriculum development is chaotic, lack of physical exercise, interpersonal communication and personality development. Now many are less than 1 year old. The baby started learning English, which is terrible."

0-3 years old childcare teacher is very scarce

Although preschool teachers agree that parent-child education for children aged 0-3 is particularly important, there are quite a few parents who are busy with their careers. They can only take care of their children and can only entrust them to their elders. Among them, the educational generation gap has become a new problem, so Putting children before the age of 3 outside the early education institution, many people choose to go to the parent-child class in kindergarten. However, the development and production of teaching aids and toys are backward and the standards and complete training system for the lack of teachers are also not to be ignored.

"Don't think that kindergarten teachers can handle small children. Although early education is strictly aimed at children aged 0-6, the training of early childhood teachers in colleges and universities in China is concentrated after 3 years of kindergarten, 0-3 years old. The teacher is almost ignored." Liu Yunyan said that this is quite worrying, but some experts pointed out that in the case of kindergarten people, many parent-child classes have become one of the means for kindergarten children to choose a school, on the parent-child class. The odds of attending a small class at the school have become unspoken rules. Liu Yunyan is not in favor of sending children out of the room too early, so that they can face the anxiety of separation. "Children's education at this age is too important. For example, when it comes to the color above, mother can guide the child through dialogue in life, such as Say "I want that red apple" "The blue balloon is very beautiful", the child naturally has the ability to distinguish colors. The society can also train family instructors and regularly train parents in the community."

Author: Chen Jie

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