Create a noble hot stamping fashion choice high quality foil paper

The hot stamping effect is favored by people because of its many advantages such as clear pattern, beautiful appearance, colorful, dazzling, wear-resistance and weather resistance. To achieve the desired hot stamping effect, not only the skilled operation skills need to be mastered, but also the different types of materials used for hot stamping should be selected for the appropriate model, and the appropriate temperature, pressure, hot stamping time, etc. should be selected.

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Gold foil paper

It consists of a polyester film (PET) and a multilayer chemical coating applied on its surface. The polyester film usually has a thickness of 12 μm. Some of the coatings have a decorative effect, while others have a coating that controls the properties of the gold foil. Different coatings are suitable for different substrates. The role of the aluminum layer is to produce a reflective effect, and the aluminum filament is formed by condensing on the hot stamping paper under ultra-low vacuum conditions after being sublimated and sublimated at a high temperature.

Hot Stamping Paper Features: The best temperature for hot stamping is 95-135 degrees. Please select different types of hot stamping paper according to different hot stamping substrates and patterns for hot stamping.

Hot stamping area is more extensive, including three. The distribution is hot stamping small strokes (for small areas only), 6*6 mm hot stamping (universal type) and 10*10 mm hot stamping (large area dedicated).

Gold foil paper specifications: width 0.64 meters * length 120 meters / roll; can also be customized according to customer requirements, such as: 240 meters / roll, 360 meters / roll and so on.

Gold foil paper storage note: store at room temperature, moisture, pressure, sun protection.

Food Tray

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