Cost-effective digital printing solutions

Processing companies are watching the changes that have occurred in the current market, and the label industry is recovering from its slumber. This is an exciting new era. New products and services continue to emerge, allowing the industry to see this new development opportunity. With its advanced end-to-end solution, HP helps processing companies become involved in new markets that can bring lucrative profits and take advantage of various business opportunities. Today, Hewlett-Packard is not only the leading provider of digital solutions, but also one of the top manufacturers in the entire label industry, and has attracted a lot of attention and stood out from the highly competitive market.

Tags: New Competitive Advantage in Marketing

The tag used to be just an indicator of product name, brand, and capacity. Now, its role is far more than that. Each tag must be more than ever able to inspire customers' desire to buy and promote the sale of goods. A successful tag not only attracts the attention of customers, but also conveys different brand information, makes a more valuable description of the product, and must also ensure its safety without causing any harm to the human body and the environment.

Dedicated labels and versioning have also grown significantly. Today, all companies are more willing to reduce inventory and eliminate waste. This is a daunting challenge for product brand managers and vendors. The new market puts different requirements on label processing companies and gives them numerous opportunities for development.

Significant increase in small-lot orders for the label industry

In the market, the marketing of new products is increasingly targeted and the competition is becoming fiercer. The price of long-label labels has dropped to the bottom and profits have dropped. Due to the need for survival, the industry gradually accepted small-batch orders and expanded instant services, resulting in higher profits. In fact, about 65% of the world's label operations currently have less than 50,000 copies and a total length of less than 2,000 meters.

For these quantities, if gravure, flexo, or lithography is used, the cost will be extremely high.

Digital Printing: Fast, Efficient Solutions

Packaging and processing companies are facing huge margin pressures, and they need new solutions to protect their revenue while also meeting changing market demands.

Cost-effective small-volume order printing. Small-volume orders increasingly attract customers—allowing customers to customize products by region, season, or specific activity. With digital printing, small-batch orders become a source of profit rather than cost. It also allows traditional presses to focus on printing to produce more efficient long runs.

Faster turnaround time. In an era when zero-stock supply chains and unique packaging have become important sources of profit, HP Indigo digital presses can provide high-quality, timely print services—at a low price, competitively, while at the same time ensuring that you can get great returns.

1. Excellent quality. In marketing, labels and packaging completely determine the success and failure of sales.

2. Economic variable data printing. Only through digital technology, label and packaging companies can take advantage of the amazing flexibility of variable data printing. Using digital printing, versioning can produce branded labels, and can also produce packages that contain variable images, colors, and text—you can use different locations or even specific activities (such as weddings, anniversaries, or folks) And corporate activities) custom products. Processing companies can produce bar codes that control inventory and track sales, or change information such as size and content without stopping the press.

3. Can use a variety of substrates. In addition to the various types of graphics, sellers have been looking for unique label media to attract customers' attention. HPIndigo digital presses can be printed on a variety of stickers and sizing special substrates.

Acceptable substrate materials include plain paper and embossed paper, synthetic materials including PE, PET, OPP, TESLIN, vinyl and PVC, as well as special substrates such as various metals and materials that “do not look like a label”. . The press also handles thin substrates (12* micron and above), as well as PS/OPS, which is more environmentally friendly and has been used as a replacement for PVC.

The anti-counterfeiting performance of products is another key factor that brand companies pay close attention to. Many companies are not hesitating to protect their products from counterfeiting and counterfeiting. Variable data printing is also the key to “smart packaging”. Barcodes, special inks, and other obvious and hidden elements can be added to the packaging to increase its security features.

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