Commercial Rotary Printing Products Troubleshooting

Case I: There are ink particles on the prints, paper hair adhesion

1, failure phenomenon:

When a single-color group prints a seal, there are ink particles with a diameter ranging from 0.5 mm to 2 mm on the seal arc and sticking phenomenon of the paper.

Upon inspection, the ink and paper powder on the blanket and the printing plate are thickly stacked, and the white side of the paper powder is severe at the position corresponding to the edge of the blanket. The initial judgment is due to paper looseness. After washing blankets and printing plates, the speed of printing was slowed down. The problem was not completely solved. The same problem reappeared after about one hour. So the main reason for the judgment is ink. The use of ink knife ink tank found that the ink flow is very poor, then add 0 # varnish and mix thoroughly (about 30%), reboot, the problem no longer exists.

2, the cause of the failure:

For a long time, the ink flowability in the ink tank is deteriorated and the viscosity is large, resulting in the ink tending to be grained and easily adhering to the paper powder.

3, matters needing attention:

The ink fountain must be diligently printed on the machine for a long time. If necessary, add appropriate additives to improve the ink performance.

Case II: Superfluous ink lines appear on printed products

1, failure phenomenon:

An extra ink line appeared in the form when the ticket was printed.

The inspection found that the ink line was not present at the position of the printing plate, and the factors such as squeezing the mouth and the blanket were eliminated; the full graphic was clear and there were no other stains, and the dirty printing was excluded; the ink was checked, and the ink roll was heavily accumulated. Big. Then wash the printing plate and the blanket, close the ink roller and print it. The ink line will appear again after a few minutes. Wash the ink, re-up less ink, slightly reduce the fluid volume, and then boot, the problem is solved.

2, the cause of the failure:

The ink roller has a large amount of ink. When the ink is applied, the pressure on the printing plate is heavy, and a thicker ink line is printed on the plate. Although the dampening solution has washed away some of the ink, it cannot wash the firmly adhered ink line completely.

3, matters needing attention:

When the rotary machine is inked, it should be filled with small ink and small water. Do not start large ink and water, leading to serious emulsification of ink and other failures.

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