Bedroom feng shui taboo to help you bring health and good luck

The feng shui taboo in the bedroom is about whether the sleep is comfortable and whether the person is healthy. This is a taboo that must be avoided to infringe. From the location, the environment to the choice of bed, there is a lot of attention, Xiaobian will take you to take a look, bedroom feng shui taboo .

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The shape of the bedroom is suitable for square and is not suitable for beveled or polygonal shapes. The oblique side is easy to cause the illusion of the line of sight, and the multi-angle is easy to cause oppression, thus increasing the mental burden of the person, and it is easy to suffer from diseases and accidents in the long run.

The bed surface should be about 50 cm away from the ground. The bottom of the bed must be kept clean and it is not suitable to accumulate debris. Leaving the ground and not accumulating debris can keep the air at the bottom of the bed clear, reducing the penetration of ground moisture into the mattress and affecting health.

It is better to have a ceiling without a beam. The beam is psychologically prone to a heavy body feeling, especially when people sleep under the beam, they will feel great pressure, causing mental stress, affecting health and career.

It is not easy to see the top of the head when people are lying down, so the bed should be against the wall, avoiding the air, and reduce the sense of security. Otherwise, people who sleep in bed are prone to mental sorrow and suspicion, affecting health and career.

The window is the place where the qi is in and out, so it is easy to make a collision when the bed is close to the window. People on the bed can easily feel insecure because they can't see the window on their head, causing mental stress and affecting health.

When sleeping, the most important thing is to be safe, quiet and stable. The door is the place to go in and out of the room, so the door cannot be right or the bed. Otherwise, people on the bed are prone to insecurity and are detrimental to health.

The mirror is used to block the sputum, and the effect is to reflect the sputum back, so it is not possible to bed. Especially when people wake up from their sleep, when they are not very aware, they are easily frightened by themselves in the mirror or the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The mirror has a reflection effect, and the suffocating air can be reflected back in the wind and water, so it can block the fierceness. But the mirror facing the door will smash the fierce rush into the bedroom, attracting bad fortune.

The kitchen fire is frying and discharging soot, which easily affects the right door, endangers human health, and makes the work performance unstable. The kitchen is a place of fire, it is very hot, so it is not suitable to be adjacent to the bedroom, especially the bed where the bed is close to the stove.

The bathroom is a place for people to excrete, and it is easy to produce helium and moisture. Therefore, the door will affect the air in the bedroom and be harmful to people's health.

Xiaobian's words: Feng Shui pays a lot of attention, and the Chinese pay attention to the letter. The feng shui in the bedroom is actually more closely related to human health. I hope that when you decorate the bedroom, you must pay attention to the above aspects to avoid improper feng shui and health.

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