Beauty sleep beauty

Since ancient times, there has been a law of life of "sunrise and sunset". For women to have a stable sleep time and ensure adequate sleep, the blood will be filled and radiant.

Woman's sleep beauty

1. Can do proper exercise, such as walking, soft gymnastics, etc.

2. Wash your face with warm water before going to bed, or take a hot bath.

3. Maintain indoor air circulation.

4. Do a facial massage. Use your thumb and forefinger to gently rub your nose, then use both index fingers and middle finger to gently wipe the sides from the sides of the nose and the middle of the forehead.

5. You can also wipe some skin care products before going to bed to avoid dry skin.

6. It is not advisable to drink plenty of water or drink before going to bed, but you can drink half a cup of warm milk, which not only helps sleep, but also is good for beauty.

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