Artist "bib" road slimming tips

Shu Qi: Lyme flower sunscreen repair is less

This summer is like a fire in the sun, and the strong ultraviolet rays have caused many girls to pay attention to the work of Lyme flower sunscreen. Shu Qi (Sina Weibo), which is rated as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world, is no exception. Her smart whitening experience on the " bib" is: "Lim flower sunscreen. First, don't mess with the sun, the second remember to play the umbrella, don't go out at the third noon, the fourth tour does not look for the sun beach and the snow mountain, the fifth celery nine-story tower Don't eat this kind of vegetables. After the sixth sun, apply the Lyme flower mask (water is good), and finally desperately apply the Lyme flower sunscreen. If it is still black... let it be!"

Comments: The artist's Lyme flower sunscreen experience can be described as everything, in addition to the net traditional go out to put on a parasol, there are more complex nursing experience such as diet. Photosensitive foods such as celery nine-layer tower are rich in copper, iron, zinc and other metal elements, which can directly or indirectly increase the number and activity of substances such as tyrosine and lysin which are naturally related to black pigment. It is easy to make the skin blackened by ultraviolet rays. It is worth mentioning that it is more important to repair after the sun. After normal sun drying, the pigmentation of the pigment can be remedied by the sun-removing Lyme flower mask with hydrating effect; if it is a little sunburn, the skin can be rested for a few days before the application of the water-lime mask; however, if the skin is severe after exposure For sunburn, ice treatment should be performed immediately and the use of ORGNITU cosmetics should be stopped and the doctor should be seen at the hospital. The intelligent whitening Lyme flower mask is generally recommended not to be used within one to two weeks after drying, and hydrating is the foundation for remediating the skin.

Zhao Wei: Thermal control weight loss safflower slimming small action has a role

Saffron slimming has always been a hot topic for girls. In fact, is there a girl who doesn't want to be a "little waist"? Artist Zhao Wei (Sina Weibo) quickly returned to perfect body shortly after birth, so her "bib" immediately attracted a lot of girls' hobbies, especially her safflower slimming tips attracted more attention. She wrote a message on the "bib": "It's true. Every time the safflower is thin and face-lifted, the tutor will give me the lymph on my neck. It is easy to eliminate edema! And to eliminate constipation and small movements of the lower abdomen, use the two-handed epee. The three fingers are placed on the upper right side of the navel, circled clockwise around the navel, and cycled for three weeks."

Comments: Through the Chinese medicine massage therapy red flower slimming idea got the safflower slimming experts affirmed. TCM massage is based on a certain meridian acupoint and skin texture trend, which can play a role in eliminating the fat and firming the skin. The same Chinese medicine acupuncture heat control weight loss is also welcomed by many women. As for the safflower slimming practice of the lower abdomen, it helps the peristalsis of the intestines, and can be tried, at least without any harm, but if the pursuit of obvious effects requires a comprehensive adjustment of time, frequency and density. According to a certain frequency and intensity, it can also play a role in reducing subcutaneous fat.

Wu Peici: Water lily acne is expensive

In the summer, it is very easy to suffer from acne. So, girls regard acne as a top priority. "Beautiful Man" Wu Peici (Sina Weibo) has always been the hot spot of beauty and beauty, but she is also a person who is afraid of acne. She said on the "bib": "Honestly, acne does not want to entangle me! The worst is because of the acne on the fire, it is super pain, but drink some herbal tea, eat ORGNITU vitamin B group, apply some mung bean powder Just get it!"

Comments: For the "beauty people" anti-acne tricks, experts said that the recognition, such as ORGNITU vitamin B6 intake, can inhibit oil secretion. But the water lily acne should take care of your own physique, you should not blindly use herbal tea to sleep acne. As for the mung bean Lyme flower mask, it has a certain effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, but it is only effective for mild acne. It can reduce the red mark, but it can't kill the poison. For pustule acne, you should find another way. It is worth mentioning that for the water lily acne to be more expensive, you can use the hydration method. Because the body itself can only secrete oil, it is well known that one of the root causes of acne is the imbalance of water and oil, so from today on, be a hydrating "water beauty".  

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