Application of airless sprayer and spray attachment in the barrel industry (1)

Application of airless sprayer and spray attachment in the barrel industry (1)

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First, airless spray introduction

1, the concept of airless spraying

Airless spraying is the use of electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and other power to draw and pressurize the paint into a high pressure state of 10-40MPa. The paint is sprayed through the nozzle of special wear-resistant material, and the paint rapidly expands and atomizes and sprays onto the coated surface. A coating is formed, called airless spraying, referred to as airless spraying.

2, the advantages of airless spraying

Airless spraying has the following advantages:

——Excellent surface quality, airless spraying, the coating is atomized into fine particles by high-pressure jetting, so that it is evenly distributed on the surface of the workpiece to form a smooth and dense coating;

—— Satisfactory construction efficiency is more than ten times that of air spraying, and the construction efficiency is up to 500m2/h;

- Improve adhesion and extend coating life;

- Save on coatings, coating utilization rate of more than 60% (air spray is 30-40%).

Comparison project\spray method

Air spray

Airless spraying

Surface Quality

it is good

it is good

Construction efficiency



Surface adhesion



Paint utilization



3. Adaptation range of airless spraying

Airless spray is suitable for a wide range of applications.

- can spray all conventional coatings;

——It is suitable for the construction of heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings such as high viscosity, thick paste coating and solventless.

——Applicable to the industrial sector:

—— Ships, steel structures, rolling stock, petrochemicals, engineering machinery, bridges, tunnels, ship locks, construction, machine tools, furniture, instrumentation, medicine, national key projects, etc.

Second, the application of airless spraying in the barrel industry

1. Typical steel barrel spraying scheme (two-color)

Description: rteter

The operation of the two-color system:

When the barrel runs to the station 1, the high-pressure airless spraying machine 1, 2 works, and the control system controls the electromagnetic valve to open the automatic spray guns 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 for spraying;

When the barrel runs to the station 2, the high-pressure airless spraying machine 1, 2 works, and the control system controls the electromagnetic valve to open the automatic spray guns 1, 2, 3 for spraying;

When cleaning, the high-pressure airless spraying machine 1, 2 works, the cleaning automatic spray guns 1, 2 are opened, and the system automatically returns.

2, the typical configuration of the two-color system

Coating: Polyurethane baking varnish (atomization pressure 8Mpa)

Spraying machine: 2 sets (2 colors)

Automatic spray gun: 10

Nozzle: 10

High pressure pipe: several

Paint heater: 2 sets

The main technical parameters of the spraying machine:

——Pressure ratio: the ratio of the static pressure of the paint output to the pressure of the intake air.

——No-load displacement (L/min): refers to the displacement of the sprayer at the rated inlet pressure and at the output without load.

3, steel drum spraying process characteristics

——The spray bucket coating is generally medium and low viscosity coating and waterborne coating

——Features of spraying process: smooth surface of spraying

——More spraying surfaces (upper, lower, lower, and third sides)

——More spraying stations

Third, the shape of airless spraying equipment

1. Selection of airless spraying machine

The pressure ratio of the airless sprayer should be moderate, 30-45:1 is suitable, the pressure is too high, the paint rebounds sharply, and the utilization rate is low.

Proper selection of spray pressure is one of the ways to save energy and reduce emissions. The flow rate should be large, 40-50L/min is appropriate.

Generally, a sprayer should have multiple nozzles.

The large flow rate can reduce the commutation frequency of the sprayer, reduce the consumption of wearing parts, reduce the pressure pulsation, and make the coating more uniform.

Our factory provides 2 kinds of airless spraying machines for everyone to choose: GPQ9C-II, JPT4438.

(1) Brief introduction of GPQ9C-II

Description: 111

The main technical parameters:

(1), pressure ratio: 32:1

(2), no-load displacement (L/min): 52

(3), intake pressure (MPa): 0.3 ~ 0.6

(4) Air consumption (L/min): 100~1000

(5), external dimensions (mm) length × width × height: 600 × 620 × 1030

(6), weight: 73kg

According to the spraying characteristics of the barrel, this pump is improved on the basis of GPQ9C:

(1) A pressure-regulating filter is installed, and the filter in the filter has 60 mesh, 80 mesh, and 100 mesh for selection, which reduces the occurrence of blocking guns;

(2) The muffler is lengthened to enhance the muffling effect and reduce the chance of ice plugging;

(3) Lengthen the stroke so that the pump can run less times, be more stable, and reduce the frequency of sealing ring replacement under the same amount of spraying.

(2) Brief introduction of JPT4438

Description: J4438 Picture A

The main technical parameters:

(1), pressure ratio: 44:1

(2), no-load displacement (L/min): 38

(3), intake pressure (MPa): 0.1 ~ 0.5

(4) Air consumption (L/min): 100~1200

(5), external dimensions (mm) length × width × height: 650 × 720 × 1300

(6), weight: 85kg

Its main features compared to GPQ9C-II ​​are:

(1) The starting pressure is low, and the minimum normal starting pressure is 0.15Mpa;

(2) Mechanical commutation motor has low failure rate and low noise;

(3) The stroke is longer than GPQ9C-II.

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