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ActionFox: personalized design, popular price

Actionfox (original Arcticfox) brand originates from Norway, a Nordic country. Chinese is also called “Happy Fox”. It specializes in hats, gloves, scarves, water bottles, small bags and other clothing accessories. With “outdoor, leisure, sports, comfort, and function” as its main features, there are also new, fashionable, and avant-garde qualities. The main customer base is the urban white-collar class “age 15-45 years old, middle income”. Since the creation of the brand, Actionfox has established its own distinctive brand image with personalized design, popular price, high-quality product quality and honest service. In a very short period of time, it has established its own unique brand personality in mainland China and has received many young people. Loved it. “Sexy + Dynamic” has always been the basis for the positioning and promotion of the Actionfox brand. This concept is integrated into every product development and design of the brand. Capture popular colors and fashion yarns, add more IN and sexy costumes to new fashion people; use waterproof, breathable, ultra-lightweight, UV-resistant, moisture wicking and other high-tech functional fabrics for outdoor climbing and skiing The full range of functional guarantees is available for people on the hike, adventure and adventure. As a small category in the clothing market, Actionfox focuses on the establishment of brand features. Sexy + dynamic: is a way of life, a life attitude. For this reason, working hard to innovate to provide better protection and fashion elements to the young generation who love life and love nature has become the power source for the brand's continuous development.

ActionFox (Happy Fox) Contact Information: Affiliation: Shanghai Sundino Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Address: 3rd Floor, No. 146 Qichen Road, Minhang District, Shanghai Postal code: 201100


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