A new age-reducing method keeps your skin fresh

The female stars who are radiant in front of the camera can't help but wonder, don't they live in time? If you want to take a step towards a faceless age, learn how to keep your skin fresh and new.

1 day and night detox uninterrupted

As you age, your skin's ability to detoxify and self-repair is slowing down. Get up in the morning, please drink a cup of warm ginseng tea or lemon juice for your skin. As a first step in daily skin care, it can quickly purify the body's toxins and sweep away the tiredness. At night, when you have finished the daily skin nourishing, please add a nutritious night cream with detoxifying effect as the last step of skin care. Of course, in the dry autumn and winter time, you can use it as a sleeping mask for a long time, through the plant's antioxidant power, neutralize the external stimuli, thus accelerating the skin's repair and rejuvenation.

2 firming essence to make a base

The firming of the skin seems to be more important than the delicateness of the makeup. Can't find a pre-makeup product with such an effect? Try to change your makeup program and use the anti-aging serum that enhances the lifting effect as a makeup cream to make the skin look good. Take appropriate amount of essence and massage the lymph nodes with the knuckles to stimulate blood circulation. The firming essence is light and soft enough to lift the contours more quickly, making the subsequent makeup more compact.

3 Lock the moisturizing spray

In the autumn day, the day is getting dry and the water is losing quickly. The layer of emulsion or cream is layered on top of each other. How to lock in nutrition and moisture? A moisturizing spray can do it. But in addition to mineral spray, you have a better choice - plant extractive moisturizing spray. According to American dermatologist Michael Gold, minerals in the water accelerate the loss of moisture from the skin, and the addition of plant moisturizing ingredients such as lotus extract can lock in moisture while hydrating and relax the skin. In addition, after using the spray, remember to gently press the face with a paper towel, or apply a little moisturizer to help lock the water for a longer period of time.

4 omnidirectional lighting

The eyes are the easiest to reveal the secret of age. The synchronization of the eyelids and the corners of the eyes can make the eyes truly "flying". Start now, please add one more step when using eye cream: use your index finger to gently push the upper eyelid skin under the brow bone, just like eyebrows, then close your eyes for three seconds, repeat three times, this action It can make the skin of the eyelids and the corners of the eyes firm at the same time. With the eye cream containing growth factor technology, it can better promote the information exchange of cells, help to lock collagen and make the skin of the eyes firmer.

5 silk satin skin camouflage

Gradually, the lines of the eyebrows, the lines of the eyebrows and the lines of the head will make your confidence fail, even if it is still difficult to cover. At this time, the softening cream containing anti-wrinkle ingredients has its place: in addition to being a necessary step in daily morning skin care, you can use the palms of both hands to capture and then slap in the outer corner of the corner of the eye. And the forehead. In addition to cheering for a smooth and delicate satin finish, more importantly, the oil contained in it can make fine lines more concealed.

6 Morning exfoliation is even better

Don't think that exfoliating is night. Try to do exfoliating work when you clean your skin in the morning. Gentle morning exfoliation can accelerate blood circulation, wake up the sleeping skin for a night, and make the skin more rosy and tender. Compared to scrub, horny conditioning lotion is more suitable for you in the morning. After infiltrating with a cotton pad, gently wrap the circle and stick to this habit. You can say bye bye with the sick face in the morning.

Basic Info

Model NO.: GY
Title: Cosmetic Packaging Tube
Thickness: 0.2mm-0.5mm
Surface Handling: Offset, Hot Stamping, Silk Screen, Labeling
Tube Color: White, Black Transparent, Colored
Coating: Glossy, Matte
Capacity: 3-500ml
Cap: Flip Top Cap, Screw on Cap
Shape: Round/Oval/ Flat/Heteromorphic
Trademark: GF
Transport Package: PVC Bag Individual Master Carton
Specification: 30g-250g
Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland), Yangzhou
HS Code: 39173100

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