5 elegant nude lipsticks for the age of the lips

The nude lipstick that has been popular in recent years refers to the natural closeness to a colorless lipstick. This kind of lipstick can best highlight the natural texture of the lips and make the lips younger. Feminine is more attractive because of the texture! This season, the softer and more sensual nude lipstick, in addition to its constant intellectual charm, makes the women in the workplace gentler and more elegant!

Nunny girl is 7 elegant nude lipstick for the age of the lips

5 nude lipsticks for the age of the lips

Clinique Clinique Moisturizing Lip Balm ¥160/3G

A glamorous full-bodied touch with a long-lasting crystal moisturizing formula. Lets you have mouth-watering jelly-like lips that are easy to apply and give your lips a natural, translucent look. Formulated with long-lasting crystal jelly and rich in natural plant essential oils and antioxidants - shea butter, mango seed oil and jojoba seed oil, it can care for delicate lips and muscles, while achieving immediate and long-lasting moisturizing effect. A hydrated and elastic crystal jelly lip!

MAKEUPFOREVER Fresh Bohemian Limited Lipstick

5 nude lipsticks for the age of the lips

MAKEUPFOREVER Fresh Bohemian Limited Lipstick ¥210/3.5g

The legendary Pure Color Constant Color Series presents two new limited editions in a seductive, transparent mist-recovery melting formula: red coral and peach orange. Under the action of glitter particles, the romantic shimmer is decorated with lips. The soft-colored neon series is tailor-made for bohemians, with a leaf pattern engraved on the tube, and the MAKEUPFOREVER logo on each side of the lipstick shell.

Benefit Ultimate Rich Lip Balm

5 nude lipsticks for the age of the lips

Benefit Ultimate Rich Lip Balm ¥170/3g

These three new color fullfinishlipstick ultimate lip balm will end your pursuit of perfect lip color, even our most discerning lana, gabbi and betty have also found their favorite and have a soft spot for them. ! And its unique rich effect will make you look at it, and it is the perfect partner for all your fast camouflage babies.

Lange Charm Lip Gloss

5 nude lipsticks for the age of the lips

Lange Charm Lipstick Lip Gloss Combination SYR34CoralBeige Coral Beige ¥190/4.5g

The new charm color lip gloss lip gloss combination is rich in color, the creamy texture of the lipstick is silky and soft, and it fits perfectly with the lip skin, making the lips more beautiful. At the same time, the lip gloss with ultra-fine particle rejuvenation formula makes the lips more lustrous. After using the lipstick, it is recommended to apply lip gloss to the lip peak to instantly create natural and elegant charm lips.

Paris L'Oreal Brightening Lip Balm

5 nude lipsticks for the age of the lips

Paris L'Oreal Brightening Lip Balm ¥135/3.3g

Contains royal jelly and shea butter to nourish the lips and repair dry lips, which are more plump than traditional lipsticks. The texture of the enamel, when you apply it, feel the wonderful experience of lightly melted into the lips. Square crystal + mirror packaging, elegant and sleek. The latest spokesperson of L'Oreal Paris, Fan Bingbing (click to watch Fan Bingbing's film and television works "Guanyin Mountain", "Peach Blossoms") Miss debut, stunning interpretation.

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