2012 Valencia Ceramics Show

February 7-10, the world's second largest ceramic sanitary ware exhibition - CEVISAMA (Spain Valencia Ceramics Exhibition) will be opened in the Valencia Convention and Exhibition Center. Nearly 20 ceramic sanitary wares including color glaze companies in China will be exhibiting in Spain. Compared with more than forty domestic companies that participated in the exhibition last year, this year's exhibitors are half less than last year. Due to the anti-dumping effect, many companies are still holding a wait-and-see attitude towards the Spanish market. However, some companies said that although they have been affected, the situation is still not as bad as imagined, and the sales volume of some enterprises' exports has not decreased. It is understood that the trend of this year's products will also be inkjet products and thin sheets.

CEVISAMA is one of the most important and influential professional exhibitions in the world of building materials and ceramic sanitary ware products. It is also the same as the Italian Bologna Ceramics Sanitary Ware Show. The industry ranks second in the world. The exhibition was founded in 1983, once a year, and 2012 is the 30th.

According to official data, in 2011, there were 776 exhibitors from 148 countries and regions in the world, including more than 40 exhibitors from China. The exhibition covers an area of ​​nearly 120,000 square meters and displays 207 new products. It also hosted 77,104 professional trade visitors from 148 countries. There are 12,489 international buyers outside Europe. Buyers outside Spain. Mainly in Italy, Portugal, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Africa, the Middle East, Russia, South America and other large buyers. A big selling point in 2011 is the high quality and professional exhibition exhibitors.

Compared to the Italian Bologna exhibition, the West Ban Valencia exhibition has a much smaller restriction on Chinese companies, allowing Chinese companies to participate in the exhibition. Some insiders believe that “more and more Chinese companies are involved”. Reproduced in the ceramic business information network. It is understood that the products of the Spanish ceramic trader CERA-BROUNCE.SL booth on the 2nd floor of Hall 4 last year were basically imported from China, and the exhibition area of ​​Chinese enterprises reached more than 1,000 square meters.

Due to the wide range of visitors from the exhibition, most of the companies' participation in the exhibition is to find a suitable source of customers through the exhibition. However, more companies believe that the most important purpose of exhibiting is to showcase the image of the company and to obtain first-hand product information.

Driven by Spain and other European and American countries, in recent years, domestic ceramic companies have also developed an inkjet printing style. Inkjet ceramic tiles are more realistic than ordinary roller-printed tiles. The ink of the inkjet printer determines the final effect of the inkjet tile. The Valencia Ceramics Showcase brings together the world's leading color glaze companies, and the show will see a major trend in inkjet technology in the coming years. It is understood that there are more than 700 exhibitors in the 2011 exhibition, of which there are more than 50 color glaze companies, all of which are concentrated in the third floor of Hall 6, with an area comparable to Huaxia Ceramics Expo City, a well-known color glaze enterprise in Spain. Carobia, Idaga, and Tao Lixi, as well as the American Flow Group and China Jiangsu Haotian Glaze Co., Ltd., also landed in the exhibition.

It is understood that at the 2011 Valencia Exhibition, major exhibitors have displayed their imitation wood grain and imitation stone brick products. In the second half of 2011, the development of new products in the entire ceramic industry was almost carried out around these two products. Jin Yitao, Loulan, Kangtuo, Maraz and other major companies all launched their new inkjet wood bricks in 2011.

In addition to the continued high heat of inkjet products, ceramic sheets will continue to be the focus of this year's Valencia show. It is understood that the thin plate has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving. When the refurbishment is made, only the 4 mm thin plate can be directly laid on the original ceramic tile, thereby greatly saving human resources.

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