2012 China (Dongying) International Gifts & Crafts & Redwood Furniture Exhibition

Time: 2012/07/06 to 2012/07/09]

Exhibition Hall: Dongying Huanghe International Convention and Exhibition Center

Organizers: Asia-Africa Cultural Exchange Promotion Association, Dongying Tea Culture Association, Qingdao Huaxin Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Organizer: Qingdao Huaxin Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Dongying Tea Culture Association Secretariat

Shandong Province is the country's strong economy and ranks second in the country.

Dongying City is located in the center of the Yellow River Delta, bordering Bohai Sea in the east and north, Binzhou City in the west, Zibo City and Weifang City in the south, and radiating 19 counties in 6 cities of Shandong Province. It is the “Pearl River Delta” and “Yangtze River Delta”. After the most prosperous triangle in the north, Dongying City developed rapidly, the economy prospered, and the per capita GDP was second in the country, second only to Erdos. The per capita output value and per capita commodity consumption value ranked first in the province. It is one of the three famous oil fields in the country, Shengli Oilfield. It is known as the “oil tycoon” city “China Petroleum Industry Base” and has the reputation of “ Northern Small Hong Kong ”, ranking among the top 10 in the most competitive cities in the country. At the same time, Dongying is also a distribution center for investment and construction of Japan and South Korea. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 3,000 Japanese and Korean companies are investing here. According to statistics, the average tea industry consumption in Dongying is nearly 200 million yuan per year. Such a huge consumer market and customer groups have laid a solid foundation for exhibitors to expand domestic sales, and have provided a strong guarantee for the success of this exhibition!

[5 reasons for exhibiting]

1. Authoritative, professional, high-grade:

The exhibition was hosted by Dongying Tea Culture Association and invested a lot of manpower and material resources to make this exhibition bigger and stronger, and to make a high-quality and high-efficiency trading platform.

2, the market demand is large, the prospects are broad

The Yellow River Delta, radiating 6 cities and 19 counties, Dongying develops rapidly, economic prosperity, per capita GDP is second in the country, second only to Erdos, per capita output value and per capita commodity consumption value has always ranked first in the province. World famous industrial distribution center. Such a huge consumer market and customer base have laid a solid foundation for exhibitors to expand domestic sales.
3, set brand promotion and on-the-spot sales as one

An exhibition that combines trade promotion (B2B) and on-site retail sales (B2C), and displays its own brand, meets the needs of end customers, and is recognized by customers.

4, three-dimensional publicity, professional and mass media intertwined promotion

3 major TV stations, 5 major newspapers, more than 50 professional websites, 7 street sign commercial district advertisements, 300,000 viewers, and 1 million mails. The focus will be on promoting the exhibition and enhancing the popularity of the exhibition. It is expected that the audience will be 150,000.

5, strong concept support, help exhibitors success

Ensuring the benefits of exhibitors and benefiting each exhibitor is our constant pursuit and responsibility. We believe that through our innovation and efforts, we will make this exhibition a high-quality, high-effect brand fair. Exhibitors paved the way to success.

【Range of exhibition】

Gifts, household items, handicrafts exhibition area:

1, gifts, gifts, promotional advertising gifts, business gifts, etc.

2, household items, home decorations, bedding, kitchen supplies, tableware, home electronics and electrical appliances, etc.

· Classical furniture exhibition: European antique furniture, American classical furniture, Chinese classical furniture, antique furniture, wood carving, bamboo carving, root carving, lacquer ware, antique ornaments, folk art

· Sculpture exhibition: stone carving, bronze sculpture, clay sculpture, imitation animals and plants sculpture and urban sculpture, etc.

· Art collection exhibition: antiques, ethnic folk handicrafts, paper cutting, shadow play, embroidery, knitting, antiques, handed down treasures, Kistler antiques, treasures, ancient monument stickers, coins, commemorative coins, medals, badges, Stamp, ancient books, relics replicas, antique furnishings, such as Duan

· Art exhibition: painting, oil painting, prints, watercolors, decorative paintings, picture frames, paintings, calligraphy, four treasures, calligraphy and painting works of art and stamps

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